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As I have mentioned on this before I love Pinterest, I have about 60 different boards of everything and nothing and there are still thousand more things I need to "pin". You won't be surprised to hear that my favourite search is the food and drink one and as a wannabe American I am overjoyed by such recipes like Pizza Spaghetti Bake or Cheeseburger Casserole or Reece's Chocolate Peanut Butter Magic Bars. The list of yummy things is unbelievable! The only bummer is I don't understand the measurements i.e. cups and nor can I buy all the ingredients…onion powder anyone?!

My recipe tonight was from Pinterest - the picture of the Shrimp Tacos looked so fresh and delicious and while I didn't manage to buy all the ingredients, I don't think it mattered and like with my Rainbow Pasta Salad I had to improvise - I had to make my own pico de gallo and I left out the spices - I have no idea what Sriracha is?!

I love Mexican food and I think the Old El Paso kits are fantastic - I remember at uni it was a very very popular meal and we would go to town making sure we had every condiment & sauce (but nothing homemade).  My fajita would be so packed to the brim you couldn't close it!! I still love all the kits but they are not exactly healthy with all my extras…hopefully these are slightly better!

Ingredients for 2 people:

12 Cherry Tomatoes
Half a small red onion
A handful of coriander (or cilantro as they call it across the pond)
Half a lime
2 tortillas
14 jumbo prepared prawns
Half an avocado
2 tbsp of coleslaw
2 tsp of sour cream
Salt & pepper
Half a tsp Sriracha (or another hot sauce depending on how HOT you like it) I don't so didn't.
Jalapenos peppers (once again this depends on how HOT you like it) I don't….so didn't

First things first you need to make the pico de gallo - this is basically salsa and you could buy it ready made but I assure you it is much more delicious and healthier to make it….plus it doesn't take long.

Cut the tomatoes into eighths - you could use bigger tomatoes, I just had the small ones in the fridge so used them.

Chop the onion into small pieces.

Finally cut up the the coriander, (I always thought I didn't like coriander but I blatantly do)! After this you could add chopped jalapenos if you want to.

Mix all together in a bowl and add some salt and pepper to taste.

Next add a good squeeze of lime and mix.

It doesn't matter if you make too much, you can use it with many things - such as sauté it and put over scrambled eggs, add it to a toasted tortilla with melted cheese, use it as a dip with crisps or serve it with a freshly cooked tuna steak etc.

Anyway back to this recipe. Once the pico de gallo is made, then slice the avocado.

You will also need to cook the tortilla - I dry fried for 15 seconds but you can oven cook or microwave, just read the packet's instructions.

Finally start layering on the ingredients. A spoonful of coleslaw.

7 Prawns.

A couple of slices of avocado.

The pico de gallo.

And finally a drizzle of sour cream (mixed with the hot sauce if you are using it). 

Then wrap and eat!!

Being the piglet that I am, it was packed to the brim so wasn't the easiest and prettiest thing to eat but it was very tasty. However I did feel something was missing though….

Cheese!! My addiction!! Maybe I felt it needed cheese as there were no chillis or anything but for me, it added that little something extra that made the recipe go from very good to excellent. If fact I liked it so much I am going to have it again tomorrow. It felt very fresh and summery - just a shame our weather no longer feels like that. A definitely step up from my university efforts!!

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