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Pascal is finally back from France and to celebrate we went to supper with our gorgeous friends Jacci and Tony. Tony chose the restaurant Club Gascon - he had wanted to take Pascal there for ages - it was very adventurous for us as it is the other side of London in between the Barbican and Smithfield Market. According to the website, the restaurant specialises in imaginative cuisine from the South West of France and the chef Pascal (not my one) is from Toulouse.

I had obviously checked out the menu online and looked at the photos on food spotting and was excited - everything looked so pretty! The menu was different (menu) - it is split into 5 different sections: La Route du Sel, Le Potager, Le Canard, L'Oceane and Les Paturages. This allows diners to enjoy as many different flavours as they wish. There is also a tasting menu.

The menu is small and smart with plenty of waiting staff however the service was a bit of a let down. Considering the restaurant has had a Michelin star since 2002, I was expecting more. The food however was delicious (mostly).

We had an amuse bouche of beetroot soup, a truffled scallop and some crisp puffs. A bit of a bizarre combination - the crisps and scallop were good, although the scallop was the size of a smartie but I was not a fan of the beetroot plus the colour was off putting - a bit too Harry Potter. It was nicely presented, just not my cup of tea.

I had the 'Ambre Tulip "Quinoto" with Truffled Pumpkin Pulp. This was amazing - so fresh and flavoursome, I could have had this for main as well. I can't describe how mouth wateringly good this was.

I did have severe food envy of Jacci and Pascal's 'Truffle Terrine & Macaroon'. This was the best terrine I have ever had, and whilst it sounds strange the truffle macaroon worked perfectly. It was INCREDIBLE!

Tony had the 'Rose Carpaccio, Mulled Wine & Crispy Gingerbread' which he said was delicious and certainly looked pretty. I need to up my standards on presentation with my cooking as this looked incredible!

We were all very happy with our starters. Mains were also very good, although I did regret my choice, I  would have preferred the truffle terrine!

I went for the 'Grilled Squid & Octopus, Bordelaise & Samphire' - another delicious dish, the fish was very fresh and tasty, but it was not exceptional and I have no idea still what that big purple thing was on my plate!

Pascal had the 'Salt Marsh Lamb, Salsify, Heliantis & Nori' - like me he said it was very good but not memorable and not as high a standard as his starter.

Jacci had the 'Glazed Black Cod, Sweet Artichokes, Verjuice and Crunchy Grapes'.

Tony had the Charolais Beef Variation, Caviar, Ox Sauce.

Both were very good and well presented.

For pudding Jacci and I decided to be piglets and have cheese. We were offered a small mint sorbet which was very cute and refreshing but I was still in a savoury mood!

The restaurant did not have a cheese trolley and instead just prepared you a plate of cheese. This was brilliant. A varied selection of cheese, chutney, biscuits and bread and each section complimenting each other. This ended the meal on a definite high!

Club Gascon offers excellent food in an elegant setting, the starters were some of the best we have had in a very long time and if I went back I think I would just order a selection of starters and then cheese! The main courses were also good but not as exceptional. 

I would definitely recommend the restaurant if you were in the area for a quiet civilised lunch or supper although I wouldn't race back there as I think there are some other great places in the city I would like to try (if I make the effort to go over there - lazy bones here doesn't want to travel 45 minutes)!!

57 West Smithfield,
Tel: 020 7600 6144
Fax: 020 7796 0601

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