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In my gap year (a very long time ago) I worked at Pizza Express & ate my body weight in pizza (Quattro Formaggi with pepperoni & mushrooms with extra Parmesan) however I must have really overdone it as I rarely go now, the same goes for other chain restaurants such as Strada, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Zizzi's (apparently French for willy!), and I I have never even stepped foot in a Nando's…..am I missing out??!!

One place I do love is Wagamama and luckily Arabella is a huge fan too. I once took Pascal to one but it was a recipe for disaster….we sat on a shared table and he couldn't understand a thing on the menu….he said he would never go again, (although I have to say despite his complaints, he must have enjoyed the food as there wasn't a grain of rice left on his plate)!!! 

I do understand some of the reasons why he doesn't like it - the shared tables are so annoying - who wants to sit close up with a stranger?? And my major beef with Wagamama is that they just bring the food out when it is ready - not necessarily when the rest of the table's food is ready. Other restaurants manage…why can't they?

Anyway it is not enough to put us off and with Pascal at a meeting, Arabella & I headed straight there as it had been a while. I will admit I don't really understand the menu and as I am so unadventurous I never try anything new….Arabella is the same. The food is inspired by traditional Japanese ramen bars & Asian flavours and includes sushi, teppanyaki, curries, salads and obviously ramen.

We started off with salted edamame beans. These were very good although a bit too salty even for a salt addict like me and especially for a child. Although after wiping some of the salt off they were delish.

I think the starters are the strongest part of the menu - there are always so many I want (or at least know), such as the different types of gyoza (dumplings), the chilli salt squid and the chicken yakitori and they all look yum - however I am still trying to be "healthyish" so we didn't indulge. 

For mains I always have the yaki soba which is teppan-fried soba noodles with bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, eggs, peppers, white and spring onions, garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger and mixed sesame seeds.

I like it so much, I have never tried anything else here! It is basically like a chicken chow mein and the ginger just makes it - I would recommend it - it really hits the spot! It is not particularly low calorie (728 cal) but it is filling and feels like a treat. It is way better than any stir fry I have ever made at home.

Arabella likes the chicken katsu which is chicken breast deep fried in panko breadcrumbs served with sticky white rice, carrots, sweetcorn and a choice of either katsu curry or amai sauce on the side.

Arabella couldn't resist a piece of chicken while waiting for me to take the photo! She ate the entire plate and it's nice that they include some salad especially as carrot & sweetcorn is her favourite.

We didn't have pudding as it's a week night but we were both full anyway….apparently they are very good though. 

Ok so Wagamama is not a gourmet experience, it has some annoying features (communal tables etc) but for something quick, easy, cheap and different, it is perfect - plus it is very family friendly. The staff are approachable and will help with any questions you may have about the menu. There are Wagamama restaurants everywhere - 101 in the UK alone and in 17 different countries - they are uniform and you know what you are getting and for a creature of habit like me - that is a good thing!!


Upper Level,
Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre,
Tel: 020 7386 8017

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