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Arabella & I were invited for afternoon tea at the Berkeley Hotel yesterday to celebrate our gorgeous friend Dolly's 13th birthday. Arabella had never had a formal afternoon tea before and my last one had been nearly 5 years ago so we were terribly overexcited! The Berkeley afternoon tea is a fashionista's heaven as all the cakes and treats are inspired by the themes and colours of the fashion world (I definitely learnt a thing or two)! 

We arrived at 2.30 and the place was heaving - this is obviously the "cool" place to be. It is served in The Caramel Room which is brightened up with colour popping menus and brightly coloured crockery.

Service was extremely efficient and friendly - we ordered champagne and tea and the waitress immediately bought out a plate of sandwiches for everyone. She offered a more simpler selection for Arabella however she was happy with the more grown up ones (she can't be fussy as she is constantly my recipe guinea pig)! The sandwiches were egg mayonnaise in brioche, ham & mustard, smoked chicken mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cream cheese and cheese and chutney. All the breads were different and homemade and it tasted delicious!! 

Being the piglet that I am, I polished my plate off very quickly and immediately was offered another - I said a huge yes! The waitress overheard Arabella commenting on how much she loved the smoked salmon one and in a blink of an eye, Arabella had a plate of just those - she was delighted (as was I because I then shared with her)!

Being such a savoury girl I was more than happy with the sandwiches but then the cakes arrived and my sweet tooth very quickly appeared!! It was all so pretty you didn't want to touch it….well, that feeling lasted for about a second!

The bottom tier was more savouries - it is difficult to remember exactly what it all was other than incredibly tasty! There were shot glasses of watercress soup, swordfish carpaccio, a goat's cheese cheesecake, aubergine something and a roasted vegetable tart. The swordfish was so incredible we ended up ordering plates of it on its own - tender but meaty if that makes sense.

As I mentioned each cake is modelled on an outfit or accessory from the latest fashion season:

The Burberry Prorsum heart patterned ginger biscuit trench with caramel icing (as modelled by Arabella).

The Saint Laurent essential autumn red "Classic Duffle 6" Victoria sponge cake bag - Arabella had about 5 of these and they were her favourite. The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania oversized checked mint green macaroon, the Miu Miu polka dot jaconde and Gianduia mousse topped with playful orange neck scarf (this was my favourite). Then the Giles antique gold chocolate feather set on a base of Sacher Torte and the Oscar de la Renta orange bavarois emphasised with shocking pink chocolate embroidery.

Then the Gianvito Rossi chocolate over-the-knee boot biscuit with ankle strap, the Emporio Armarni violet cassis mousse and light Curacao jelly topped with chocolate swirl and the
Jean Paul Gaultier gold quilted banana and caramel cremeux with passion fruit compote accessorised with leopard print chocolate shard (I didn't have a chance to try all these as I ate so many sandwiches but it all looked so pretty).

It was all delicious - once we finished a plate it was refilled with more and then when we could eat no more we were given the remainder to take home in a doggy bag. The waitress made sure Arabella had a pink bag with her favourite delicacies in and was also given a princess wand as a gift much to her delight! She felt like it was her birthday.

What an incredible afternoon - not good for my waistline as now all I want to do is try out the afternoon teas around London - I have been researching today and saw that Dean Street Townhouse even offer mac and cheese and welsh rarebit with there's so I am definitely going there next!!! I always think I prefer lunch or dinner as it is more of a meal but this has really changed my tune….I cannot wait for my next one. Plus Arabella was in Heaven - it was perfect for children sandwiches and cake - a proper party!!

Pret-A-Portea at The Berkeley Hotel

Wilton Place, Knightsbridge

Tel: 020 7107 8866

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  1. Oh, I love a spot of afternoon tea and I've really enjoyed the Pret a Portea's that we've indulged in. Not at all a tradtional tea, but a very creative and tasty one! I hope you enjoy more afternoon teas in London - there are so many different ones to try!

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