Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I am now back in England in the wet miserable weather wishing I was back in France…. typical! Apparently the sun is shining there today and it is beautiful blue skies, unfortunately the same cannot be said for here.  

I am pleased I managed to write about so many restaurants while I was away but I realised this morning I forgot to write about the most important one - Les Cretes, known to us as Jojo's after the patron. This place is the carrot Pascal dangles in front of me to get up that mountain!!

It is a log cabin perched on the mountain at the top of Tougnette between St Martin de Belleville & Meribel and so has stunning panoramic views, a wonderful sun terrace yet is warm, cosy and authentically alpine inside - lots of wood, old artefacts, skiing pictures etc. It is family run by the very friendly welcoming hosts Jojo, his lovely wife Christine and gorgeous daughter Geraldine and their wonderful staff and this is where we come for a drink every time we come skiing!!

We do a couple of runs and then come here for a glass of wine or vin chaud and a belated breakfast / pre pre starter of assiette de Pascal Blanc (lucky Pascal having a plate of sausage named after him)!!

It is absolutely delicious - one sausage is diots (it tastes like a normal pork sausage) and the other is pormonier which is made out of herbs. It is served with fresh white baguette and Dijon mustard - it is definitely worth skiing for and probably the reason I gain weight skiing as we generally leave here to ski to lunch but I can never resist it.

As I am not the keenest skier in the world I haven't been here for lunch as it takes about 10 minutes to ski down and I prefer to eat somewhere where I don't have to ski at all or if I do it is a two minute ski but the rest of the menu is raved about by everyone. Pascal skied with some friends recently who were in France for 6 days and they ate here for lunch on 4 of them and I just looked at the place on trip advisor and it appears it is not just us that love it (Trip Advisor). I need to be braver with my skiing….or maybe just drink less at lunch so I can ski after!!

The menu consists of Savoyard classics such as tartiflette (another favourite of mine), omelettes, the infamous sausages, steak frites, charcuterie, crozets (yummy creamy pasta) and a dish of the day which ranges from lamb shank to osso bucco. Not only is the food delicious, it is also reasonably priced….which is a rarity in Meribel! Here is a picture I found on their Facebook page which I hope gives you an idea about their food….it is making me hungry!!

If you do make it here - and I recommend you do - make sure you round off your meal with one of their genepis… will make you fly down the mountain…and I am sure you will be back for more!!! 

But be warned it is loved by many & it does get busy so it is best to book!!
Tel: +33 (0) 609 40 51 04

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