Sunday, 5 January 2014


I am not a natural skiing lover….in fact most of my friends find it shocking that I ever fell in love with a ski instructor! My dad was a keen skier and encouraged us to start at an early age, while I can appreciate it now, I didn't at the time. We were forced into a German speaking ski school for 7 hours a day a week at a time and I tell you…."I cried a river"!!!

When I first met Pascal I was all sweetness and light, it was love at first sight & all I wanted to do was impress him with my skiing abilities so I followed him with a huge smile on my face & I listened to everything he said……that obviously hasn't lasted!!!

However after nearly 5 years together we've worked out how to ski well together - I learn to keep my mouth shut and he rewards my excellent skiing with a huge lunch - and that is exactly what we did today! 

The sun was shining, there was fresh snow, just the two of us & no rush….bliss….plus as it was my last day, I chose my favourite restaurant L'Adray Telebar. We had actually been here on my first day but I forgot to take photos.

No surprise to hear it is one of the lower mountain restaurants (A* in my book) and it is also a very quaint alpine hotel. They always offer a very reasonable menu du jour & the a la carte is full of amazing choices.

Hope that is not too hard to read….I wish they had the menus online!!! I am always at a loss at what to choose…so like always we ordered some wine and munched on some cheese puffs while we decided.

Pascal has been going to this restaurant for nearly 40 years and so is more adventurous than me. I am a creature of habit and although I would like to eat most things on the menu I always have the same (oh I wish I was braver but what I have is sooooooooooooo good).

We started with the wild boar terrine with salad, cornichon & mini onions.

Perfect with some fresh bread and butter. Absolutely delicious - a coarse pate which to be honest I could have quite easily eaten all by myself.

For mains I always have the veal escalope in a mushroom and cream sauce with fries which is what the restaurant is famous for….it is delicious….thin slices of veal, a selection of wild mushrooms, a creamy delectable sauce and incredible fries.

It is so good - I nearly ate that entire portion to myself….I couldn't stop….I cannot rave about it enough!! My brother & I once tried to recreate this dish in England….we failed miserably!!

Pascal the pasta lover went for penne with Gorgonzola & walnuts.

This was also very tasty and very cheesy…..especially with a little extra Parmesan….oh how I love french food! 

We couldn't fit in puddings but they have a wide selection.

All I could squeeze in was a coffee to get me down the last few hundred metres of piste & this came with a few little treats.

A "formidable" meal to round off a surprisingly good holiday. This is my favourite restaurant in the mountain…next time I come out to France Pascal is working and so I need to be brave enough to ski here with Arabella on our own…..a scary thought but it would be worth it for the delicious food. It also has very welcoming hosts, attentive service and a lovely terrace in the sun with fantastic mountain views - what more could you want??!!

Tel: +33 (0)4 79 08 60 26

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