Monday, 29 September 2014


I had the best weekend ever this weekend and went to two new restaurants that I had wanted to go to for ages. Pascal knows the way to my heart is through my tummy and he now has a very happy wife.

Dirty Bones has been on my list since it opened - a good friend of mine who works in the restaurant business and so obviously knows her "stuff"- told me it is the best mac and cheese she has ever had. I HAD to go. To make life even better for the next few Sundays, Dirty Bones has joined up with Tommi's Burger Joint for a special Sunday menu and I finally made it there and it was AWESOME!

On a Friday lunch time, Dirty Bones has a hot dog stand, however in the evenings (Tues-Sun) there is a super cool basement restaurant and bar. The menu normally focuses on hot dogs and "bones" such as chicken wings or ribs.

We started off with two cocktails named The Little Hobo which were Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and wild wood cider. It was delicious and it slipped down very nicely indeed while we looked at the menu.

The menu for these next few Sundays is slightly different and I literally could have ordered EVERYTHING! In the end we ordered the chicken wings and ribs to start, a Tommi's burger dog, a dirty mac burger and two sides of mac and cheese along with a lovely bottle of Provence rose.

The chicken wings are seasoned with lemon, chilli and spring onions. Chicken isn't my favourite and I don't like "bones" but I thought hey, let's give it OK. OMG. So tasty, the chicken was so tender and full of flavour, we adored them.

Ribs are something I never order either but, when in Rome and all that. The sticky pork ribs arrived smothered in the house BBQ sauce. Wow! The meat fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. Pascal and I were so obsessed we were practically gnawing at the bone at the end just for one last morsel! The photo doesn't do them justice.

We could not decide between the hot dog or burger so we shared and had half and half.

We ordered the Tommi's burger dog which is a Tommi's burger, served "doggy style" with confit onions, Dirty Bones short rib, crispy shallots, dirty cheese sauce & dill pickles. This definitely takes hot dogs to a whole new level!! Everything worked so well together, each mouthful was slightly different, my only gripe was I only had half. It was really good. I have always loved a hot dog but you don't have them in restaurants so often - this needs to change (or I need to move into Dirty Bones).

The Dirty Mac burger was a Tommi's beef patty with Dirty Bones steak glaze, charred lettuce and topped with Dirty Bones mac and cheese. Even though burgers and mac and cheese are two of my favourite things, I have never tried a mac and cheese burger before but now I want one regularly!! It was phenomenal - it was worth every single on of those calories.

We also had a mac and cheese on the side - I am so pleased we ordered our own individual portions - it was one of the best I have ever had - cheesy, creamy and with a little kick. I could have eaten both portions on my own, it was Heaven.

I want it all again now. Unfortunately due to my over indulgence I have had to start the 5:2 diet and today is a 2 (500 calorie) day - so not as fun as yesterday. As I write this Arabella is checking out my pictures and is green with envy - I am thinking maybe we need to go again next weekend (and the weekend after). Even Pascal, who is so bored of my burger and mac and cheese obsession, was bowled over. A fabulous meal - reasonable prices, great cocktails and extremely friendly and attentive staff - my new favourite place!!

20 Kensington Church Street
W8 4EP
Tel: 020 7920 6343

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