Friday, 19 September 2014


As you all know I love a burger however I have never had one at Burger & Lobster, I really should one day, but not this week! Pascal sometimes gets annoyed with me when I drag him to Shake Shack or Patty & Bun however he is happy to go to Burger & Lobster as it is a little bit superior. 

For those of you who don't know the concept, Burger & Lobster opened a couple of years ago in Mayfair and it doesn't have a menu - instead it serves a cheese & bacon burger, a lobster roll on brioche or a whole grilled lobster, all with fries and salad and priced at £20 each. It also has a great cocktail menu. The original restaurant was in Mayfair (it was famous for it's phenomenal queues) but now there are five others in London and they are even opening in New York now.

We started with a cocktail - there were all different types:

I went for a Mint Collins and Pascal had the Williams Fizz - both were delicious!!

Then there was the food decision. For me there was no decision - even though I am a burger fanatic, I had the lobster roll. Last time Pascal had the lobster but this time he went for the burger. We were tempted to have all three….

The lobster roll was AMAZING! I loved it all - the chips, the salad, the brioche and the lobster - I did add extra mayo…you've got to live a little!! The salad is dressed with Parmesan, red onion, peppers and balsamic and is really delicious - not the normal salad you ignore, and the fries are thin, salty and crispy. It is the perfect meal.

Pascal loved the burger - it's big and meaty and covered with cheese, bacon, pickle, salad, tomato and mayo - plus with the yummy fries and salad. £20 is expensive for a burger but Pascal reckoned it was worth it. We also didn't have any starters or puddings which is very unlike us, but both our meals were very filling (and we didn't have the option of eating more)!!!

I am not a risk taker…I am a creature of habit and I have to say I don't know why I don't come to Burger & Lobster more often - you know what you get and it is very very good. My only complaint is I am not eating the lobster roll on a beach in Nantucket….but after a few of the killer cocktails, you might think you are!!

Burger & Lobster

Fifth Floor Harvey Nichols
109-125 Knightsbridge,
Tel: 020 7201 8676

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  1. Looks yummy! Would you say it's a good place for a celebratory/ pig out meal?

  2. Hi Caroline, I would definitely recommend it for a celebratory / pig out meal. You can have gorgeous cocktails and even go the whole hog and order the burger, lobster and lobster roll!! Enjoy xx