Thursday, 24 April 2014


As I have mentioned several times in the past Gola is my favourite restaurant and I enjoy everything on the menu there, the atmosphere and the wonderful owner and staff…therefore I am very wary of trying other Italian places. However one of my mummy friends at school has been raving about this newish place La Pizzica and so I had to try it. I went about 10 days ago with my lovely friend Ceri but we were so busy gossipping that I forgot to take any photos!!

Anyway last Friday Pascal and I had enjoyed a lovely morning riding the Boris Bikes up to Chiswick and back along the river…well it was lovely until a dog came jumping out at me, I crashed into it and fell off the bike arse over tit….and now I am covered in bruises. I was very shaky after my "near death experience" and so needed a good bowl of pasta and a glass of wine, Gola was closed so it was time to go to La Pizzica again.

La Pizzica is at the bottom end of the Fulham road and while the restaurant has only been open for a few months, the owners have had a very nice deli on the Fulham road for a while. The food is traditional Salento cuisine and the menu consists of various starters such as antipasti boards, burrata, beef tartar, calamari fritti. Then there are pastas, pizzas, meat and fish as well as daily specials. 

When I went with Ceri we started with "Antipasto de la pizzica" which is a selection of traditional starters from Solento. This was absolutely delicious but other than the mozzarella and tomato, I had no idea what I was eating!! It was all great though and I suggested having it with Pascal but he preferred a pizza so we had Pizza Vio Pasquale - mozzarella, sausage, broccoli and olives (similar to what we have at Gola).

I have to say it was very good - a delicious base (I never eat the crusts but for once I did), the olives are a great addition and the wild broccoli plentiful. My only complaint was there could have been more sausage…but then again I am a piglet!

For mains Pascal had Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms.

It was full of mushrooms and in a tomato sauce. He enjoyed it very much but it was nothing to write home about (certainly not Gola standard). 

I on the other hand had a brilliant pasta dish - Paccheri with aubergine caviar, prawns and black truffle oil. It was absolutely delicious!!

I would definitely have this again in a hurry, it was amazing, plus the restaurant passed my Parmesan test - they left the Parmesan on the table which is essential for me and my love of cheese!

At the end of the meal we were offered a lemoncello - of course I couldn't say no!

Service was very hospitable and friendly, the food mostly very good and the place has an easy going relaxed atmosphere. It doesn't replace Gola as my top choice but it is a great place, I think a very good lunch spot. I certainly will be back and judging by the others in the restaurant, they already have a good number of regulars.

La Pizzica

764-766 Fulham Road
Tel: 0207 371 3762

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