Monday, 10 February 2014


As yoga takes up all my mornings I rarely have time to "do lunch" nowadays with my mummy friends. However body wise, it is probably for the best as I have enough trouble keeping my weight in check with my constant weekend indulgence (I outdid myself yesterday and Saturday)!

Although I did meet my friend Jamie for lunch at our local pub before school pick up recently and I have to say it was most enjoyable and I habit I could easily take up!

The Brown Cow is the sister pub to The Sand's End and it offers brunch, lunch, supper and incredible bar snacks as well as real ales, wines and drinks. Pascal could never understand why English people loved the pub so much however having frequented here regularly, he now understands! We often pop in on a Sunday for a bottle of wine and a scotch egg and sausage roll - Heaven! It is the perfect local, the staff are really easy going and friendly which contributes to a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere.

Jamie and I were torn when trying to decide what to eat so we decided to tuck into a scotch egg while we chose.

Totally delicious - I highly recommend it! They do other great bar snacks like chilli salt squid, honey and mustard chipolatas, radishes with salt, haddock beignets, chicken kiev….I could literally just have the snacks!

However we did order off the main menu - I decided to be adventurous and for once didn't have a burger! Shock horror!! Jamie did have the burger and to quote her "I really liked it and I am super hard to please with burgers and I am American"! I would take that as a huge compliment and so next time I will definitely be having the burger!!

It did look good - and was with cheese, pickles, salad and you could also have bacon (I am sure I would)!

I went for sausage and mash with onion gravy and a few very thin onion rings.

Even though I had huge food envy, I did really enjoy mine - great sausages, a proper onion gravy filled with onions and soft, creamy mash - all the ingredients tasted top quality. Amazing! Other choice on the menu included fish and chips, a pie, steak and chips.

We didn't have time for pudding but we have decided to make this lunch a regular thing and maybe dedicate it to finding the best burger in SW6!

Although I would be very happy to just regularly come here - great food, a fantastic atmosphere and I cannot sign off without complimenting the brilliantly helpful friendly staff. I feel very lucky to have such an excellent local pub but even if you are not from the area, it is definitely worth the effort!

The Brown Cow

676 Fulham Road
Tel: 020 7384 9559

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