Monday, 10 February 2014


I said in a previous blog that I never order take aways and now I have had two in a month. My first Chosen Bun was delicious but this time I went for something a little healthier - sushi. We only have Yo Sushi in Fulham Broadway which I don't really rate and so if I have a craving I have to either nip up to Itsu or order in from Feng Sushi.

Feng Sushi has 8 sushi delivery branches across London serving delicious sushi rolls and Japanese food at good value and the ingredients are all incredibly fresh and MSC certified. You can eat inside their restaurant or they pretty much deliver all over London.

The menu is varied (Menu) - you can order starters such as edamame, soups and salads, maki rolls, hand rolls, nigiri, bento boxes and hot dishes such as tempura or katsu curry. The choice is immense.

Ordering is simple - you can do it over the phone or online and delivery is usually about 45 minutes. Pretty slow compared to some companies so you need to be organised!!

Being a creature of habit I always order my favourite - the tempura tuna rolls with tuna, spring onion, cream cheese and kimchee sauce. These are incredible - I eat them all and don't even want to share one - I wish they served these in all Japanese restaurants, I cannot recommend them enough!

I then vary what else I order - sometimes tuna tartar or black pepper and sesame tuna tataki and other times a Japanese bento box which is what I had here. It is a great selection so you get a little bit of everything - tuna and salmon sashimi, tuna and salmon nigiri, a couple of pieces of vegetable tempura and two nippon "mock duck" which is inari, spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce in pancakes.

It was all delicious and such fresh top quality ingredients. Even though I didn't need it, I also had a miso soup, it comes just as a paste in the cup and you add hot water.

It is a perfect accompaniment.

This really is fantastic take away sushi, great fresh ingredients, delicious combinations and plenty of choice. It is my number one take away, perfect for just you or for a group of friends. I want it again now!! Plus a little tip, sign up for their offers as they email great discounts on a Wednesday and a Sunday.

218 Fulham Road
SW10 9NB
Tel: 020 7795 1900

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