Wednesday, 5 February 2014


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, it is not the sugar I miss while on this diet, surprisingly it is the cheese….and er picking at crisps and hummus! I didn't think I ate that many crisps….obviously I do…

That said these final four days have not been too hard.

Day 4 included organic apple porridge with skimmed milk which I really enjoyed - I would happily buy this in the supermarket for Arabella and I, much healthier choice than the kids' sugary cereals on offer. Lunch was Nicci's Roasted Aubergine and Chestnut Mushroom soup. The soup was good - less thick than the others and not bitty like some mushroom ones can be - I am not a fan of Covent Garden's Mushroom soup!! As the soup is such a good-size portion, it takes longer to eat so you recognise you are full by the end which obviously doesn't happen when I shove a packet of crisps down me.

Supper was Lamb Fricassee which was my favourite of the whole week. Lamb, peas, broad beans, mint, carrots and celery with a delicious stock sauce. I really enjoyed it. I was feeling slightly annoyed as Arabella was tucking into Baked Eggs with Cheese & Ham and it looked so yum but in the end I was more than happy and satisfied with my meal.

At day 5, I had reached the weekend and was starting to find it more difficult. All I wanted was a glass of wine, crisps and hummus, saucisson, a wedge of Camembert.…but I was feeling good so was inspired to continue…the feeling of healthiness is quite addictive…I hope it lasts!! Plus Nicci is always there to talk to and spur you on if you feel like you are going to crack. This was an important day for me as it showed I could survive a weekend day with no naughtiness….something that never ever happens….and probably won't happen again!!

For lunch I had Spicy Vegetable and Noodle Soup - this was jam packed with red and green peppers, noodles, bean sprouts, green beans and onions all in a vegetable broth and obviously with a pinch of spice.

Supper was fillet of bream with tomatoes, olives and capers and this was delicious - much better than I expected. The capers really added to the flavour and the fish was perfect. I will try and recreate this recipe at home and I will be very very proud if I can….I think even Pascal (Mr Anti-Fish) would like it!

My jeans are starting to feel loser - my grey jeans that I have been struggling to squeeze into recently are much more comfortable so that puts a big smile on my face. My skinniest blue jeans can also do up but give me a massive muffin top so obviously more work to do! 

Breakfast on day 6 is the goji and cranberry with yoghurt again and then lunch is a Puy Lentil and Brown Rice Hotpot. This is not really a soup and is more of a meal and it is so full of lentils, rice and lots of veg - carrots, onion, celery - it was very filling and really hit the spot.

I ate Danny's Famous Catalan Chicken for supper which was chicken with walnuts and apricots in a thick tomatoey paprika sauce. I really adored the sauce, chicken and nuts but I have a phobia about fruit with food so left the apricots out (first time I left something on the diet)!!

The Spinach and Parmesan soup on the last day was not photogenic but it tasted delicious, you could really pick out the flavours and as before it tasted much better than the Covent Garden soups I tend to buy (I once read that soup eaters are thinner than non soup eaters so buy a load whenever I go to the supermarket)! 

The last supper - Vegetable Biryani - I felt like I was actually having a proper curry filled with an array of veg - it definitely rounded the diet off well. This time Arabella was most jealous and now she wants to go for an Indian!!

The diet is finally over and it was a success! I lost 4.5lbs in 7 days and the food was delicious, healthy and filling. Yes I craved wine, cheese, crisps and chocolate but it was pretty easy to ignore as you are not starving. It was very easy to follow and time efficient….no shopping for hard to find ingredients or cooking complex meals, and judging by the testimonials on the website I am not the only one who has benefited from the diet. 

I have also learnt that I certainly pick far too much between meals and I definitely need to watch my portion size for suppers especially….I seem to think I need to eat the same amount as a giant…

You do not lose the weight amount that you do in the previous diets I have posted but this is far easier, healthier and a more long term weight loss. I will definitely do this diet again in the future (preferably with Pascal on partner's suppers and Arabella on Nourished Nippers) and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about losing weight - a fool proof way to shed those unwanted pounds…and who doesn't want that?!

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