Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Pascal's pasta carbonara is Arabella's favourite - she would eat it all day everyday if she could and as would Pascal to be honest! So when Pascal suggested he cook it tonight, I didn't really have a choice….not that I minded too much as it is delicious.

Pascal's eyes are far bigger than his stomach and so he always overcooks  - we cooked the below for 3, we all had seconds and we have two portions left over to freeze for Arabella! Therefore I would say this amount would easily feed a family of 5.

Ingredients for around 5 people (depending how piglet you are):

500g pasta (whatever shape you prefer - Pascal likes big shapes, I prefer spaghetti, Arabella always wants fusilli - guess who won?!)
600g lardons
400g-500g creme fraiche (I buy half fat, Pascal doesn't like too much cream so he adds it bit by bit)
Parmesan / Grated Cheese
5 egg yolks (depending on how many you are cooking for)

First things first, boil some water for the pasta as this always seems to take the longest and don't forget to salt the water (it makes the pasta taste so much better). If you are using dried pasta it will take longer, about 10 minutes to be al dente, whereas fresh only takes about 4 minutes. I used dried so I put this on first and then started frying the lardons.

Pour the creme fraiche into a saucepan and add a generous amount of pepper, and then heat over a low heat.

I then used this time to separate the egg yolks and chop the Parmesan.

If you are using fresh pasta, put it on now.

Once everything has cooked, immediately drain the pasta and then mix it together in the pan with the lardons and creme fraiche.

Finally serve with an egg yolk mixed in and a sprinkling (or handful) of cheese - couldn't be simpler - and eat asap!!

As I mentioned earlier we all had seconds so it obviously went down extremely well. Arabella was even the dinner winner which never happens. Pascal has cooked this for us as a family and for friends as well and it always works very well and is absolutely delicious considering how simple it is. We often talk about adding mushrooms, but never do as it would break Arabella's heart, but I am sure it would be a delicious addition. 

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