Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I follow this great account on Instagram called Delish and it shows mini video clips of the most mouth watering recipes. My daughter Arabella and I both love watching them especially the sugar filled ones. Plus they always look really easy. My only complaint is they don't give out the measurements of all the ingredients and I couldn't find this recipe on their website however it looked easy enough so we decided to wing it. 

Ingredients for 16 "sandwiches":

1 pack of Oreo cookies (16 in a pack)
400g milk chocolate
16 Reese's peanut butter cups

Start by splitting the Oreos in two, this was easier said than done and we ended up breaking quite a few, (that didn't happen in the Instagram video)! 

Sandwich the Reese's between the Oreos. We had to stop ourselves eating them then!

Put a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and break the chocolate into the bowl. Leave it to melt, stirring occasionally. This took around 5-7 minutes.

Leave to cool (you need to be able to put your fingers in it). We ended up tasting it several times just to make sure the temperature was right.

Dip the Oreo and Reese's sandwiches into the chocolate. This was an extremely messy process, we ended up using a spoon to help. It looked so easy in the Delish video but I don't think my chocolate was liquid enough - we were in a bit of a rush to get these made so I didn't melt it for very long. I would recommend the chocolate being more liquid and smooth as the result will definitely look better.


Thankfully they tasted better than they looked!!

Lay the chocolate covered sandwiches on a plate and put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Then take out and tuck in.

Even though these didn't look particularly great, they tasted amazing. I loved the combination of the chocolate, Oreo and Reese's, and even though they were very sweet, I still demolished two and we had finished them all within a few days. I adored the fact it was a recipe where my daughter could get fully involved and I didn't have to worry about her burning herself or anything. 

So despite mine looking rather rubbish, these were easy to make and I would definitely recommend them (although maybe not on a diet day)!!!

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