Saturday, 30 April 2016


Last Friday night my husband, daughter and I wanted to go out for supper but could not decide where. We wanted to go somewhere different but local and in all honesty I wasn't particularly hungry as I had been out for lunch. We decided to try Porky's BBQ on the Fulham road in Chelsea - Porky's originally opened in 2013 in Camden, and Chelsea is their fifth outpost. The food is based on Memphis cuisine - a pork heavy menu "cooked low and slow and tasting smokey and sweet".

The menu is pretty extensive and right up my street - small plates such as hot wings and pulled pork croquettes, various sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, salads, ribs, chicken - it was too hard to choose! We decided our best bet was to have the sharing platter which consisted of half a chicken, pulled pork, sausages, half rack of baby back ribs, St Louis ribs and pork belly.

We also ordered sides of mac and cheese, mac and cheese with bacon, fries, BBQ beans and salad.

It certainly looked good but what was the verdict.....both Pascal and Arabella enjoyed it all - Arabella loved the chips so much she polished off the whole bowl in a flash. They were both a fan of the mac and cheese but I have to admit I didn't think it was the best - I found it too creamy and a bit processed. The beans had a real kick to them which I wasn't expecting but they were enjoyable as was the salad.

With regards to the meat, the ribs were brilliant, really tender and flavoursome, definitely my favourite part. The pulled pork, pork belly and chicken were also good, I am not normally a fan of chicken and find it quite bland, but this had the BBQ, smokey element to it. In all honesty the sausages were very disappointing - they tasted quite cheap - which is surprising since the restaurant is located right next to a phenomenal butchers, but they were the only downside of the platter.

There was no room for pudding unfortunately.

Would we go back? I'm not sure - they do a rib eating challenge which I would enjoy watching my brother participate in however for me I much prefer food at The Big Easy and would pick that over Porky's any day. However it was very reasonably priced - especially for the area - and service was quick and efficient.

343 Fulham Road
SW10 9TR
Tel: 020 8127 8240

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