Tuesday, 1 July 2014


We all know I love a burger and so when I spied this recipe in Fay Ripley's latest cook book, I thought these had my name all over them….a burger + chorizo = Heaven! Pascal likes to barbecue a lot in the summer but I sometimes find it frustrating as I never get to "cook" anything especially as he hates anything with a sauce or marinated. 

These were super easy to make - both Pascal and Arabella adored them however for some reason they did not rock my boat….maybe I bought the wrong chorizo or maybe it would have been better to use minced chicken rather than turkey….or maybe it was because of the simple fact there was no cheese!!

Ingredients for 4 burgers:

200g soft cooking chorizo (I just bought normal chorizo so this is where I could have gone wrong)
300g chicken or turkey mince
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tbsp olive oil (optional)

To serve:
200g jar oven roasted peppers
2 tomatoes, sliced
400g brioche loaf (I also couldn't buy brioche which could have made a different)

First of all remove the skin from the chorizo, chop roughly and put in a food processor with the mince, oregano and seasoning. Whizz until totally combined.

With damp hands, divide the mixture into 4 flat patties of even size. 

Cover and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. I made these the day before, if you have time to leave them to chill for a few hours it is much better as then they won't fall apart.

Preheat the BBQ to a medium high setting and grill the burgers for around 8 minutes on each side - you don't want they rare! If you are not barbecuing you can fry them for a similar time in a non stick frying pan with some olive oil.

If you have a bun or some brioche toast it for a minute so it is slightly charred.

Finally serve with a layer of pepper and tomato and we also added a dollop of mayonnaise and green salad!

They looked good and had the potential to be excellent however I found them slightly bitter. It was a shame as they are perfect for a barbecue…..Pascal and Arabella loved them so maybe I would do them again but will make sure I have proper cooking chorizo. 

If you make them - let me know how you get on!

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