Friday, 25 July 2014


I like to make the most of living in London by visiting the parks (we had a hilarious time on a pedalo in Hyde Park on Tuesday), enjoying the various markets like Borough and discovering the many museums. 

After watching the Sound of Music numerous times, Arabella has become really interested in World War II and so we were very happy to hear the Imperial War Museum had reopened after a big refurbishment. We had a great time, especially in the Horrible Histories section however it was a little old for her (she is 6) - I think I need to wait several more years until she can really appreciate it…I loved it though!

It was pouring with rain when we left so we just jumped on the first bus that would take us to a tube and I nearly passed out with delight when I saw "Dirty Burger" at Vauxhall station. Dirty Burger is one of the latest ventures from the Soho House team. I consider the burger at the Electric Brasserie one of the best I have ever so I had high hopes.

It was surprisingly quiet - just one person waiting for a take away so we ordered straight away and grabbed a seat. There were only about 14 stools inside the burger bar and about 8 seats outside so I imagine it can be extremely busy at times.

The menu is simple - there are two breakfast burgers and then a cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger and a veggie one. For sides you have a choice of crinkle cut fries or onion fries and then there are donuts for pudding. They also serve milkshakes, a few beers and soft drinks. It is all very laid back and "shack" like.

Arabella ordered a cheeseburger and me a bacon burger and we shared some chips.

It was freshly cooked and service was very friendly. The burgers soon arrived and I realised I had made an error with Arabella's! They were packed with tomato, lettuce, pickles and a mustardy sauce….not really her cup of tea!! I removed the lettuce the best I could and happily added the pickles to mine. She was so busy tucking into the chips she didn't notice what was going on. The fries were definitely much better than we expected - perfectly salted and crunchy.

I had the bacon cheeseburger which was exactly the same as Arabella's but with extra thick cut bacon.

No wonder this place is called Dirty Burger - this certainly was a dirty experience - I had sauce and burger and lettuce everywhere….Arabella even managed to get some in her hair! I enjoyed my burger but it wasn't the best I have ever had, the bacon was very salty and so that overpowered everything else. I loved the pickles, the mustardy sauce and the soft bun but the cheese and patty were pretty unmemorable which is surprising as the meat is sourced from the Ginger Pig Butcher and I am a cheese addict (maybe there wasn't enough cheese)?!

Arabella was not that enamoured with her burger either - too much sauce for her. We both decided it was a good burger but nothing spectacular and not a patch on our favourite Shake Shack. It is a shame as it had the potential to be awesome! 

I won't be rushing back but having said that if I was in the area and starving I would give it another go and try their onion fries as well. I can imagine it would be a very welcome meal after a few too many shandies!!

Arch 45
6 South Lambeth Road
Tel: 020 7174 1444

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