Sunday, 1 September 2013


I did not do very well at taking photos of my meals at restaurants in Menorca, I totally forgot! I blame it on the local drink pomada (gin & lemon - a must try)!! Anyway if you are ever heading that way I can recommend a few places to go. There are a couple of restaurants I visit every year without fail.  

Bar Espana 

Firstly Bar Espana in Es Castell. This restaurant is an institution in Menorca and I have been going here since year dot - the same waiter Salvador is still working there! It is a simple indoor restaurant & the menu has hardly changed over the years (local dishes, omelettes, pasta, meat, fish). I am a creature of habit, so despite many choices on the menu as a child I had the chicken and chips and then I moved on to mussels and macaroni Bolognaise (which is now spaghetti). They also do a menu del dia which is great value and the restaurant is constantly packed at lunchtime and supper with lots of locals which is always a good sign. It is nothing fancy and extremely good value, perfect for families and one of Richard Branson's favourite restaurants! 


My best friend Amanda & I always disagree about Lalola on Cala Fons - she hates it but I love it! 

Cala Fons is absolutely beautiful, a tiny cove of restaurants, bars and a few little shops. Lalola is another restaurant I have been going to for years and years, it is Italian but also does different fish, meat, paella and has a very good value menu del dia. Every year I have the same - salami pizza - for once I have a photo! It is so incredibly cheesy so right up my street! 

My stepdaughter enjoyed the spaghetti bolognaise so much she ordered two portions and my fiancĂ© had the Aubergine Parmigana which was so delicious I couldn't stop picking at his as well (which resulted in me spilling quite a bit down my dress)!! Not cool.  

Now the negative point about this restaurant is that the loos aren't very nice.....however it is great value, friendly service, beautiful setting & yummy food. 


This is a smarter restaurant on Cala Fons and it's speciality is seafood. It is more expensive but nothing compared to London prices and the fish is very fresh. I would probably say this is a more adult restaurant & great for a special occasion. My best friend Amanda & I went here with friends this year to celebrate 20 years of friendship & the owner went out her way to make it an unforgettable experience. 

Son Ganxo 

Son Ganxo is in between binibeca & punta prima & is a restaurant with a pool & you can also dive off the rocks into the sea. It is great with kids as they can swim (in either the adult or kiddie pool) while you eat. The menu has literally everything however standards had slipped this year - the service did not come with a smile & the loos were revolting. However it is a very easy place to come with children & it makes a change from the beach. 

La Rueda 

A typical tapas bar in San Luis, very popular with locals, extremely reasonable & good, honest Spanish food. 

Finally Caraba & La Venta (both in San Luis/binibeca area) are great restaurants for supper. 

Menorca is probably full of many places I haven't mentioned (as I have said before I am pretty lazy so I only know half the island)! I would love to hear any other bar / restaurant recommendations you may have as without a doubt I will be back there next year. 


  1. Hi,as regular visitors to Menorca ,your restaurant reviews were really interesting to us.Glad you enjoyed Sa Naveta ,one of our new favourites.Have you tried Pan Y Vino in Torret,food is fab and lovely staff.

    1. Thanks for your comment, really good to hear from you. Haven't tried Pan y Vino yet but some friends rave about it - definitely next year & Sa Naveta will a regular haunt!! If you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them x