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I always feel very lucky to live in Fulham – we have everything on our doorstep - we have all the benefits of living in the capital yet we still have a “villagy” feel.

As you have probably guessed by now, I love to eat out and being quite lazy, I love to eat out somewhere within walking distance of home and I have hit the jackpot by having Gola as my local Italian. It is safe to say we have become regulars and the food is so incredible we are wary about eating at any other Italians, as they never live up to Gola’s standard.

Gola is a very cute restaurant on the Fulham Road with a real Italian feel, the door is always open and the owner and staff are always welcoming and friendly. If you come as a couple, with friends or with children, you will always have a warm reception – just make sure you book before as this place can be so busy in the evenings.

Now on to important business – the food! The menu is varied, it introduces new dishes every few months and there are always a few specials. Starters range from scallops to antipasti plates to Carpaccio. There are amazing pizzas and pastas as well as mains such as mixed grill or seared tuna – plenty to choose from.

I am a creature of habit and I like what I like so I tend to stick to my favourite things on the menu. My fiancé Pascal is much more adventurous and has tried most things (he likes the place so much he once came twice in one day)! The owner Aaron is wonderful and will go out of his way to help with your choice and will make suggestions or even surprise you if you are keen to try new things (Pascal not me)!

Pascal and I always like to share a kid’s size pizza to start as well as a burrata caprese salad. Our favourite pizzas are the Pizza Del Presidente (sausage & broccoli) or the Pugliese (burrata, cherry tomatoes and truffle oil) although I am a huge fan of the Gorgonzola too (salami and gorgonzola). When we went this week we went for the sausage and broccoli.

The base is light and crispy yet the crust is soft and chewy. The sausage is homemade and the broccoli very flavoursome plus the exact right amount of cheese. The whole pizza just tastes homemade and incredibly fresh.
The burrata is also absolutely delicious – oozy is probably the best way to describe it! Once again the caprese salad tastes amazingly fresh and the cheese works so well with the tomato and pesto – it literally just melts in your mouth.

For main I honestly don’t need to look at the menu – I cannot resist having the Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe which is handmade pressed spaghetti with a pecorino cheese sauce and black pepper and it is served it a parmesan crisp bowl – it certainly feeds my cheese addiction. Every time I go to Gola I say to myself I must try something new but it is such a good pasta dish I end up having it all the time. The spaghetti is thicker than normal and cooked al dente, there is plenty of cheese sauce and black pepper, the whole experience is cheesy and creamy with a bit of spice from the pepper to balance it all out. YUM! (Unfortunately the picture does not do it justice - I will take another one next time).

This time Pascal had the same as me however his other favourite is the veal Milanese, which he orders with tomato pasta on the side.

Normally we are too full by this point for puddings although we have been known to have the cheese board, which has a great selection of hard, soft and blue cheeses.

To end the meal we often have a glass or three of grappa and then thankfully it is only a short walk/stumble home.

A couple of years ago my new year’s resolution was to try every restaurant in Parson’s Green, I think Gola was the third on my list and I loved it so much I gave up on my quest.

We are back next week for my birthday supper & already I cannot wait for my Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe! I cannot recommend this restaurant enough – it has a great atmosphere, wonderful service and spectacular food – my favourite place to eat in London (and the rest of the world)!!

Gola Restaurant

787 Fulham Road
Tel: 020 7751 0141

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