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I have wanted to go up the Shard since it first opened however my main priority is food so I decided to wait until the restaurants had opened. For me it was a no brainer as to which restaurant I wanted to go to - Oblix - as the guy behind it Rainer Becker is the founder of Zuma, Roka & the Shochu Lounge. Surprising the food isn't Japanese / Asian and instead is inspired by New York.

There is a lounge area with a deli, comfortable relaxed seating, live music and the food is served deli style (it looked delicious, cold meats, salads, delectable puddings). Then there is the restaurant - you walk past the open kitchen to the tables and you are just blown away by the views - the whole experience is very modern and sleek.

Even though Pascal & I had just spent 45 minutes marvelling at the view several floors up, we were still completely awestruck. 

The restaurant is on the 32nd floor (the highest viewing platform is 72) - we were early for our table so decided to treat ourselves to a glass of champagne at the bar. My fiance was so surprised at the price of the Bollinger that we went for the full bottle & neither of us could stop smiling as we sipped our bubbly and stared at London beneath us. My only complaint was the lack of bar snacks - not a olive or peanut in sight! Hence we didn't stick around for two long as asked to be seated at our table.

There is an abundance of staff and everyone is more than happy to assist you as much as possible. I was disappointed that we were not sat right at the window in the restaurant - we still had a fantastic view but if you can the window seats are even better! I have eaten at the restaurant on top of the Eiffel Tower and at Galvin at Windows but I think the Shard's view is far superior.

I had read several complaints about Oblix ranging from the slow and rude staff to the quality of the food to the high prices. One reoccurring theme was that the starters were better than the main courses so Pascal & I decided to order a selection of starters to share. Oblix do not print a menu online which I found incredibly frustrating as I like to plan ahead about what I want to eat!! Anyway we ordered a flat bread covered with smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives & red onion.

This was absolutely delicious and we actually ate it like a pizza - it all tasted extremely fresh, the flavours complimented each other especially as there is a strong hint of lemon.

I was very torn between ordering the soft shell crab or the crab cake - I wanted to order both but Pascal disagreed so we went for the soft shell crab and I am very pleased we did. I think it was one of the best I have ever had - it was crispy but light and not at all greasy. The crab literally melted in your mouth and was not chewy like some can be. The creme fraiche type mayonnaise was also delicious.

We both agreed simultaneously that we would have the burrata and once again this did not disappoint, it was creamy and full of flavour and served with perfectly ripe tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto.

Unfortunately I was not very impressed by the ice berg wedge with blue cheese and bacon. It also included dried fruits which made it too sweet and the dressing was more mayonnaise than blue cheese, in fact I couldn't even taste the cheese.

Luckily I had ordered a side of macaroni cheese which was delicious. The waiter obviously saw me drooling over it so moved it closer to me on the table - a nice touch!!! We did have fries as well which were very good however these were eaten before their photo opportunity!!

By the end of all that food we were stuffed so could not have a pudding which was a shame as they did come highly recommended.

We had several waiters assisting us and I want to mention how good they all were, so professional but also so friendly & helpful. 

The bill was certainly not cheap but you would not expect it to be in such an incredible location. It is my birthday in September and I would be very keen to go back as the whole experience was so fabulous and far exceeded my expectations. While it was lovely to see the view on a summer's day, I expect it will also be incredible in the evening. If you have a special occasion coming up - do go - it will be worth it!

Level 32, The Shard
31 St Thomas Street

Tel: 020 7268 6700

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