Monday, 22 September 2014


My brother is a member of the East India Club which he joined after he left school and it is described as being a "gentleman's home from home". My brother stays there when he is in London and has always raved about the Dining Room - how it is very proper and English, great service and fantastic food but also very old fashioned (the club opened in the 1850s). Women aren't allowed to wear trousers, you cannot use your mobile phone and only the "member" can pay. I can't believe I haven't taken advantage of this before to be honest! 

Anyway my brother has recently got a new girlfriend and so we went out for supper to celebrate both Pascal and my wedding and to meet her. As James had organised the meal, he chose that we finally ate at the East India Club….I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

We met for drinks in the American Bar which looks very "countryside" and we had a couple of strong g&ts with twiglets while we looked at the menus. The member is the only one who receives a menu with prices….I liked this place immediately! Even though you aren't allowed phones, I was sneaky!

I knew immediately what I was going to have - the Classic Potted Brown Shrimps with Pickled Cucumber and Malted Brown Bread. Potted Shrimps are a favourite of mine, my dad always used to make them for dinner parties many years ago.

They didn't disappoint and went very well with the pickled cucumbers. Delicious.

Both my brother and Pascal had the Forman's Famous 'London Cure' Smoked Salmon.

They both wolfed it down with the shallots and some brown bread and butter and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Genevieve went for Crab and Brandy Bisque with Caraway Seeded Cheese Straws. She was kind enough to give me a mouthful and it was very flavoursome and warming.

For mains we all went for the Roast Chateaubriand of Scottish Beef with Fondant Potatoes, Claret Sauce and Bearnaise. I shared with my "husband" and so had to go very rare….I put my foot down at blue!

Meat, potatoes and vegetable is normal my meal hell as it reminds me of roast as a child but I have obviously changed (finally grown up) as this was the most delicious plate of food - the beef was so tender and I devoured it with the Bearnaise sauce - it was all cooked superbly.

There is a vast dessert and cheese trolley but I was very much looking forward to Welsh Rarebit which came with bacon and a mushroom (I kid you not) - more like a breakfast than pudding but I was not complaining. It was incredible.

What a successful meal - I can't believe I was so dubious and resisted my brother's invitations to come here before because I will certainly be coming again. The food was great, the service was extremely attentive (my wine glass was never empty which I take as a very good sign) and the atmosphere was fun and buzzy….totally not what I was expecting as I thought it would be full of old farts. I admit I was wrong. 

I hope my brother invites me here again very very soon!

The East India Club, St James

16 St James Square,
Tel: 020 7930 1000

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