Sunday, 21 September 2014


Arabella and I are having a weekend home alone and it is bliss - yesterday we went to the Museum of London and today we relaxed, watched TV, Rainbow-Loomed and then went over to the West End to BRGR.CO for afternoon tea. Not a normal tea - a burger based one!

I have never been to BRGR.CO before but my old flatmate from university read about the burger afternoon tea they serve and mentioned I might be interested - hell yes!!

Arabella and I trekked over to BRGR.CO (via Selfridges) - we were 15 minutes early and even though it was 3.45pm, the place was heaving. A combination of people having the tea and others having a late lunch. Service was very friendly and the waitress managed to find us a seat immediately which was a relief as we were starving and it was starting to rain. We ordered the tea and the drinks came first - the £17 price includes a Bellini for me and orange juice for Arabella (they didn't have apple) and two iced teas.

I am afraid to say the only iced tea I like are Long Islands and Arabella is not a fan either. The Bellini wasn't great either - very mass produced - I think they would be better just doing a glass of prosecco.

Despite not the best start, the food soon arrived and it looked great.

We immediately started with the beef burger - it was very good, the best bun I think I have ever had, so unbelievably soft and the meat was cooked medium rare. It was delicious although definitely lacked in cheese.

Next we both had the southern fried chicken and coleslaw slider - once again a really soft bun, tender crispy chicken and coleslaw - no surprise to hear I think it should have had cheese in it, but we both really enjoyed it. I definitely need to have southern fried chicken more often.

The final "burger" was lobster, crayfish and mayonnaise - this had a real kick to it, far too spicy for Arabella so I swapped hers for my chips which she adored (they were yum)!

For the sweet part of the tea - there was a delicious vanilla milkshake, a bite size brownie, a mini salted caramel donut and a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. I currently don't have a very sweet tooth but I demolished the whole plate - it was all incredible - especially the cheesecake.

I had thought we might have some room for some cheesy chips but we were stuffed. I am pleased we came - Arabella liked it but preferred the Pret-a-Portea at the Berkeley Hotel (snob)! I enjoyed it although if I went back I would go for an actual cheese burger and cheesy fries rather than the tea as I do prefer savoury.

I don't think it would be Pascal's "cup of tea" - it was really noisy and crowded, plus the tables are tiny - Pascal would need to book a table for 6 to fit in the amount we eat. It is next to Stringfellows though, so I could always bribe him with that!! However they are apparently opening one on the King's Road so I think I will have to pop along there sometime, even if it's for a table for one - I need to see how a burger with extra cheese tastes right?!


187 Wardour Street
Tel: 020 7920 6480

BRGR Co. on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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