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As I mentioned in my blog last year, we go to Menorca every summer and I have been going since I was born. Being a creature of habit I always want to go to the same restaurants we went to as children but this year we decided to branch out and try a few new places.

Anakena is super cool for Menorca - a white decor, relaxed atmosphere, billowing curtains, great cocktails, several terraces and the food has Eastern, Mediterranean and South American influences. A bit superior to my usual pizza joints!

We went with our bestest friends and had a fantastic time. Obviously starting with a g&t and a mojito while we looked at the menu.

It was tough to decide what to eat! Once we had ordered we nibbled on the homemade bread with tomato salsa and herbed butter and then had a amuse bouche of a potato rosti topped with pesto and vegetables….it was delicious and I always love an extra course!

We also ordered a couple of portions of the prawn and crab croquettes as we all LOVE them. They were absolutely scrumptious - Boris had them again for a starter and I was tempted too!

However I went for the "gyosas traditionales" (as did Pascal and Amanda) which are Japanese dumplings stuffed with pork and vegetables with a sweet spicy sauce.

They were very good - although I would have preferred a soy sauce!

Fran had a timbale of langoustines and quinoa, which was a fresh prawn salad, marinated shrimp tails, quinoa and marinated avocado - it looked and tasted fantastic.

The final starter was the tuna tartar in a soft Asian vinaigrette and flying fish roe - I had serious food envy and apparently it was amazing. 

We were all impressed by our starters.

For mains Boris had the steak tartar with baked country bread. It was phenomenal. I am not normally a huge fan of steak tartar, it makes me feel a bit icky, but this was unbelievable - I would definitely order this next time. It might not look extraordinary but it really was.

Fran, Amanda and I all had the crab cakes baked with rice and prawn crackers. It was very good but very rich and we all enjoyed it however it was lacking a side - it would have been much better if it had a salad with it.

Hard went for the homemade chicken green curry with basmati rice - the curry was great but the rice was full of raisins which did not go down well. A big no no for Hard and certainly a big no no for me!! I hate fruit and food.

Finally Pascal had the veal sirloin with truffled potatoes from Menorca which I was tempted by as I am obsessed with anything with truffles - once again half was good, the other half wasn't. The veal was cooked perfectly pink and was extremely tender however the potatoes weren't cooked properly and you could barely taste the truffle. The asparagus was tasty though and it was well presented.

Boris was the only one who had a pudding as they had no cheese (boo). He went for the chocolate lasagna - even though I am not a pudding fan, this tasted delicious!

We had a fun, fantastic meal and the setting was beautiful - we will definitely be back although some of us will be ordering different things - I will without a doubt be having the steak tartar!! If you are in Menorca, the restaurant is worth a visit. There were children there but I would say it has a more adult vibe. It opens at 8pm and only during July and August.

Caserio de S'Uestra, 4
Saint Lluis
Tel: +34 971 156 727

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