Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hally's is a Californian style cafe that opened in Parson's Green in 2013….I have wanted to go there for a year but it's always busy. So at the beginning of the month I arranged to meet my darling friend Lucy there for lunch at 12pm - that way I would definitely get a table. Arabella came too.

As I am sure I have mentioned several several times I am a wannabe American (I still dream of living in 90210) so this place suits me down to the ground - on the website they say the place is "all about innovative, fresh food, expertly made coffee and a relaxed vibe"and it is based on all the great places the owners came across while on a road trip in the Golden State.

The place is decorated like a Californian beach house (I kept hoping I would see Luke Perry on the next table) and they serve breakfast from 8am-11.30am and then lunch from 12pm-4pm but the place is open til 6pm. The brunch menu at the weekend changes weekly and they do take away of coffees, pastries and cakes.

We were there for lunch and there was a lot I wanted -  the menu is fabulous - but as it was one week before my wedding I thought I should go for a salad.

I had the lentil, halloumi, butternut squash, avocado, rocket, sun dried tomato and chorizo salad. To be honest it wasn't a diet salad at all and was absolutely delicious.

So yum and full of flavour and literally all my favourite ingredients - I will definitely be having it again. I could have added a few of extra tomatoes (I feel about tomatoes the way I do about cheese). Arabella very kindly bought me home a tomato from school lunch the other day - I found it in her pocket all squished and dried up a few days later - I guess it's the thought that counts!!

Arabella went for a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. A favourite of hers and this certainly didn't disappoint - I didn't even get a bite.

Lucy had the steak sandwich with horseradish and fries. It looked incredible and tasted it too. The fries were thin, crispy and amazing. I think Pascal would be a fan of this - soft crusty bread and medium rare steak.

It was all delicious and service was prompt, relaxed but with a smile.

I was impressed - it wasn't the Peach Pit American Diner where the 90210 lot used to hang out, it was a fresher, healthier, more mature version…plus there is still a burger on the menu. I will definitely be back…and quick…my only complaint is the all of Fulham know about it…so get there early to get a table!!

Hally's, Parson's Green

60 New King's Road,
Tel: 020 3302 7408

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