Sunday, 2 April 2017


We have all become slightly obsessed with counting our steps in our household and so when we went for lunch a few weekends ago, we decided to combine it with a good walk. We decided to go to the restaurant Sticky Fingers in Kensington as the menu is both adult and kid friendly and I was particularly drawn to the pudding menu. Sticky Fingers is the brainchild of Bill Wyman, the ex bassist from the Rolling Stones and it named after their 9th British album (a good one actually - love Wild Horses)! The menu is your usual American fare - chicken wings, squid, burgers, steaks, hot dogs, fajitas....the choice is vast....8 different types of type of place!

Unsurprisingly we were all starving so we ordered Nachos Fondita to start...unlike normal nachos these came with a slightly spicy cheese dip in the middle and we added some pulled pork.

These were delicious and a good hefty portion, we loved the addition of the pulled pork although the cheese dip had quite the kick to it. Anyway it certainly whet our appetites for the mains. Arabella ordered off the kids menu and not surprisingly chose mac and cheese with garlic bread.

The curly pasta is served with a 4 cheese sauce and a biscuit crust. Arabella enjoyed the pasta but she wasn't keen on the crust which worked well for Pascal and I because we loved the cheesy topping.

Pascal went for a New Yorker style burger which was served with bacon, cheese, lettuce, red onion and gherkin. Pascal being typically French, likes his meat blue but they cooked it more medium/medium rare. He wasn't complaining though as the burger was really tasty. 

I was so torn over what to order - I wanted it all basically - a pulled pork hot dog, a blue cheese burger and the fajitas - but then I went for the buffalo 'n bird - a chicken burger with hot buffalo sauce, chopped lettuce, blue cheese sauce and chicken wings.

I love buffalo sauce and wish more restaurants in London served it like they do in America. This was really good although pretty spicy so I added some extra blue cheese sauce and it tasted like a dream. I am not normally a huge chip fan but these were the most amazing fries I have ever tasted.

By this point in the meal I was already stuffed but I couldn't resist a pudding. As part of the kid's menu, Arabella had a pudding included so we ordered her the fruit kebab which actually baby Olympia had. Arabella and I had bigger ideas....a freakshake....a salted caramel donut one to be precise!

The freak shake consisted of a salted caramel thick shake topped with whipped cream, salted caramel sauce, a homemade salted caramel donut and marshmallows. It was Heaven!! Arabella and I were fighting over every mouthful - if I am going to be critical the donut wasn't a patch on Krispy Kremes but it was still delicious and I loved the whole salted caramel combination. I think we would need to walk to Antartica to burn off the calories!!

A great lunch - service was so friendly and attentive and we all felt very satisfied. Sticky Fingers has been around for nearly 30 years, the decor is slightly tired, it isn't cheap but it was worth it. Bill Wyman originally opened the restaurant because he wanted somewhere to go just as he liked it - friendly and welcoming with excellent food and service - and 28 years on it does just that. 

Sticky Fingers

1A Phillimore Gardens,
W8 7QG
Tel: 020 7937 8690

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  1. I am a regular customer of this cafe. The food quality is awesome and service are amazing. You will never regret eating there.