Tuesday, 3 May 2016


It was my husband's birthday at the weekend so I wanted to book somewhere special and I immediately came up with the idea of Sartoria. Even though Sartoria has been around for many years, it has recently been revamped with the arrival of a new chef patron (Francesco Mazzei from the renowned Italian restaurant L'Amina) and a smart refurbishment. As well as the main restaurant, there is a heated terrace, a delicious looking cicchetti counter, two private dining rooms and a wine cellar.

We originally booked for the evening but then changed it for lunch - I am seven months pregnant now and so going out in the day is much more appealing that the evening!

It was pretty quiet when we arrived and we were shown to a lovely table by the window with huge comfy seats - it was just what we needed after traipsing round Mothercare. Pascal ordered a glass of champagne and I attacked the bread basket.

The menu consists of antipasti, primi (pasta), secondi (meat or fish) and sides. I was torn between the stuffed courgettes or burrata to start with but ended up going for the latter, the same as Pascal, as otherwise I would have serious food envy. The burrata was served with torpedino tomatoes, smoked aubergine, basil leaves, "mosto cotto".

The burrata was delicious, not as creamy as I was expecting but still very good, the smokey aubergine was out of this world and the basil and tomato so fresh. My only complaint was it was very cold as if it had been pre-prepared and stored in the fridge, not a surprise, but the temperature could have been better for such a smart restaurant.

For mains I ordered Pastachina which is a southern Italian lasagne made from layers of spinach and ricotta, veal and beef mince, quail egg and a unique nettle pasta with a mosto cotto which is thick tangy syrup made from reduced, aged grape juice (similar to balsamic vinegar). I was a little unsure when it arrived as I had no idea what to really expect but it was absolutely amazing.

Pascal ordered Welsh lamb ragu fettuccine, mint and Pecorino cheese - when it arrived Pascal asked for Parmesan and I felt sorry for the waitress as she grated and grated and grated some more. I hate it in restaurants when they don't give you your own Parmesan for the table but then again, I am a cheese addict. Anyway Pascal waxed lyrical about the pasta and I can wholeheartedly agree that it was one of the best dishes I have ever eaten. The lamb was so tender and soft and the mint really added strength to the dish.

We didn't need them but we ordered zucchini fritte as a side and they were so moreish, thin and crispy.

For pudding Pascal ordered the cheese board which came different chutneys, jams and honey.

I ordered Amalfi lemon cream with chocolate sorbet and it was out of this world. I nearly didn't order anything but when I tasted this, I was very pleased I did. It was so smooth, creamy and sweet and the chocolate sorbet was rich but not overpowering.

When I had booked the table, I mentioned it was Pascal's birthday and as a little surprise they bought a chocolate cake which was a very nice touch.

Wow - what a meal. Service was very polite and attentive, they were a little slow at filling up our water but other than that were excellent. The whole ambiance of the restaurant was calming and elegant, so nice to be able to have an actual conversation without shouting, my pet peeve - Pascal isn't the only one getting old!!!


20 Savile Row,
Tel: 020 7534 7000
Email: sartoriareservations@danddlondon.com

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