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Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I love a burger with mac and cheese…I just do not get bored of it…and so whenever I hear of a new American place, I get terribly over excited. I received my new Tatler restaurant guide last week and so now I have several new places to try - the top of my list was Jackson + Rye.

This all day restaurant is backed by Richard Caring whose portfolio include the J Sheekey's, Scotts, 34 so I had high hopes! It is based in Soho and is a sleek, buzzy US brasserie - just what you'd expect to find in New York.

Pascal and I decided to live life on the edge and go without a reservation - something I never do - however I knew they did some very good cocktails so we could always have a couple of drinks while we waited for the table.

We arrived at 7.30 and the place was already rammed - we were told it would be a 45/50 minute wait, you can either wait there or go elsewhere as you can track your waiting time online which I thought was pretty cool! Luckily there were two seats left at the bar so we settled down with a gin on the rocks, a g&t and some popcorn and nuts….I couldn't have been happier.

Of course I then had to try a cocktail…..a Deuce Royale with vodka, lime, mint and fizz - delicious!

Before we knew it our table was ready - it was actually only a 30 minute wait. We were shown to our table - this was a disappointment, for such a big restaurant the tables are practically on top of each other and they squeeze as many people as possible around each one. Anyway our waitress was super friendly, the place has a great atmosphere and so we didn't dwell on it and instead moved on to the most important….

I had already studied the menu (obviously) and knew exactly what we were going to order.

We shared a starter - crispy squid with chipotle mayonnaise. 

This was good - more calamari in breadcrumbs than crispy squid but still enjoyable, Pascal really rated them and the mayonnaise was delicious.

Obviously we both had burgers and I was very happy that you could order it with double cheese!!

Pascal was disappointed that they wouldn't cook the burger rare, only medium or well done. We both had the burger with a side of bacon. The bacon was absolutely phenomenal, I was expecting something thin and crispy but this was more like pork belly and it tasted incredible and really made the burger. It wasn't the best burger in London but it was a good one.

For sides Pascal ordered the lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing - this was so good, Pascal didn't even share a bite with me!

I ordered the truffled mac and cheese which I adored - cheesy but not creamy with lots of truffle oil. Pascal was not a fan as it was too greasy which suited me as then I got to eat it all!

We needed another table to fit all our food at this point as we also ordered spicy coleslaw and fries. I enjoyed the coleslaw with my burger, it wasn't spicy at all - it was good but not amazing.

The fries were thin, crispy and salty but I was fit to burst by this point so could only eat a couple - Pascal enjoyed them though.

Wow - what a meal - I needed to be in my tracksuit bottoms not tight jeans!! 

Pascal was so full that wanted to have a digestif when we got home - I thought he meant a shot (not medicine), so told him to surprise me with one…….he really played me at my own game and gave me a shot of absinthe!!! Revolting!!

Anyway service at Jackson + Rye was quick and extremely friendly and compared to most places in central London, the bill was not astronomical which made a pleasant surprise. The food was good although not exceptional. I wouldn't rush back there in a hurry although if I was passing by I would go in, it would be fun with a group of friends…but maybe I would order slightly less next time!!

Jackson + Rye

56 Wardour Street
Tel: 020 7437 8338

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