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I find it so funny how kids eating habits have changed in the past few decades. 25 years ago the only beans I knew were baked or stringy green ones whereas my daughter tells me she absolutely adores edamame well as salmon sashimi & teriyaki. I think it's a good thing though as it means when you go out to eat with your kids it doesn't always have to be McDonald's or pizza express & they can have a healthy meal which is a treat as well.

Last night we had another Christmas tradition - visiting Santa at Harrods. This is something we do every year & I have many photos to prove this!! In all honesty I think the whole experience at Selfridges is better but the downside there is your child doesn't spend time with Father Christmas on their own and you do not get the all important photo!!

Unfortunately Pascal had to work so it was just Arabella & I, although to be honest it was probably for the best as we did spend a LOT of time in the toy department - especially the doll & barbie area.

Anyway after seeing the great man, it was time to get a bite to eat. Last year we treated Arabella to her first McDonald's after seeing Santa (my brother had said he'd report me to the NSPCC if I didn't let her at least try one)! Needless to say she absolutely loved it but it's not my idea of a nice supper so we decided to go to Itsu this time instead.

I love Itsu & come here regularly, I try to have a new dish every time although I do have plenty of old favourites. As soon as I arrive I always order the hot food - the vegetable gyoza (my favourite), chicken teriyaki (Pascal's favourite - we had it in honour of him) and then the crispy chilli squid, (all our favourites especially Arabella) and some rice.

While we waited for that, Arabella & I chose off the conveyor belt - the best invention ever - I wish they did this at Shake Shack!! Unfortunately I actually forgot to take photos but luckily I managed to find plenty on the Internet so here you go.

Anyway Arabella chose edamame beans first of all which we shared and dipped into soy sauce. They were very good and I love the way Arabella is so excited about greens!

I love the tuna and salmon nigiri, Arabella tried one but there was too much wasabi for her however I enjoyed them....but to be honest I would prefer a little less wasabi too! I always make such a mess of eating these as I drown them in soy sauce and then they fall apart. The salmon and tuna are always really fresh.

Another plate I always have is the one with California rolls - I think they were the first sushi I ever tried and I have loved them ever since. The Itsu ones are great but also tricky to eat as they are too big for one mouthful and then full apart if you do it in two....I normally just pig it and do it in one.

The hot food is fantastic here - as I said before we always have the same the chicken teriyaki, the gyoza and the squid. Arabella finds the gyoza too spicy, for once I didn't even suggest she tries one so I could eat the whole lot!! The chicken is delicious, really tender, it comes with the great sauce on the side so you can choose how little or how much you want and the squid is so yum, we actually ordered it twice (Arabella's request)!!

We couldn't fit in anymore in after the second portion of squid but one of the other things I love about this place is the fresh fruit they have on offer for pudding - pineapple, berries etc - still on another level to most kid friendly restaurants!!

Itsu is a fantastic place to come for sushi - so much fresher, healthier and tastier than yo sushi but still reasonably priced (the conveyor belt dishes range from £2.99-£4.99). One of my only complaints is they regularly change the menu and I miss lots of the old dishes such as the seared beef - please bring it back!!! The other dishes we had here which I couldn't find a picture of were the broccoli with sesame sauce (chosen by Arabella) and a chilli prawn crystal roll which is like a Vietnamese roll and full of healthiness and deliciousness - there is plenty to choose from. 

Itsu was the first place I ever tried sushi and I have been coming back for years - it's quick, easy and delicious and I feel healthy when I leave which NEVER happens!! Plus this one is the perfect location, just a hop, skip and a jump from Harrods and the King's road and a lot more reasonable than most of the surrounding restaurants.

There are several itsu restaurants/shops around London but not all of them do the conveyor belt - only South Kensington and Notting Hill - I wish they all did. Their sushi boxes that they sell in the other locations are still excellent as are the "potsu' dishes so try one if you pass by but I would really recommend my favourite, this one at South Ken.

118 Draycott Avenue,
Tel: 020 7584 5522

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