Thursday, 3 September 2015


My best friend Amanda and I have been friends for 22 years and our favourite topic of conversation is our weight - it never gets boring!! She weighs herself more than me as I am too scared a lot of the time but if I have a good weigh in, it makes my day…..and vice versa. I think it is important to keep an eye on your weight as it can creep up ever so easily as most of us know. 

I was very grateful to recently be sent some Beets Blu bluetooth scales - these aren't ordinary scales - they do the whole shebang!

The scales are easy to use - they come with batteries which you just slip into the back and then you place them on a hard floor surface (not carpet). On your smart phone, download the Beets Blu smart scale app and you can either add your details like age and height yourself or it links up to the Apple health app and imports the data itself. Then for the scary part…..hop on the scales and within a few seconds, the scales will calculate your muscle mass, body weight with body fat percentage and body mass index, and water (hydration level). Wow - a big step up from my old school bog standard scales!

I am not going to tell you my measurements (I am still carrying some holiday weight!) but I found it really interesting to see how my body mass index, fat mass and muscle mass compared to the charts and thankfully I was in the healthy/fit zone…..although there is definitely room for improvement!!!

BMI index:
Underweight Less than 18.5
Recommended 18.6 to 24.9
Overweight 25.0 to 29.9
Obese 30 or greater

Fat Mass Index:

ClassificationWomen (% fat)Men (% fat)
Essential Fat10-12%2-4%
Obese32% plus25% plus

Muscle Mass Index:

The scales work with:
- iPhone 4s (or later) 
- iPad 3 (or later) 
- Any smartphone with Android 5.0 (or later) with Bluetooth 4.0 
- Samsung smartphone with Android 4.3 (or later) with Bluetooth 4.0 

I love the fact that you can easily track your progress on your phone, this will act as a great motivator for me. Plus they look so smart and sleek that they make the scary weighing process more attractive.  With these extra measurements, my morning conversations with Amanda are going to go up a notch!!

The scales cost £55.00 which I think is great value considering all they do and how great they look. I just hope they can help me lose that holiday weight!!

Beets Blu Bluetooth Scales Amazon

Beets Blu Webite

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