Sunday, 8 February 2015


Arabella and I had a fantastic morning at the Science Museum - we especially enjoyed the launch pad area which has over 50 interactive exhibits - it was the perfect place to spend a freezing cold Sunday. We decided it was much better than our original thought of an open top bus tour….we will save that til summer….we do love being tourists in London.

Obviously we had to combine our educational visit with a lunch trip and so we decided to try Franco Manca which my sister has been raving about - she is vegan so we normally don't have very similar food tastes!!

I figured it would be popular and so we turned up at 12.30pm….it was only Arabella and us so I thought it wouldn't be too hard to get a table for 2….we got the last one there. By 12.45pm, there were people queueing outside!!

The menu is very simple - just pizza and a couple of salads and then apparently you can order charcuterie platters but these weren't actually on the menu. There are 6 pizzas however you can make your own. Arabella and I decided to share a couple. We ordered a number 3 with wild broccoli, mozzarella and Gloucester old spot hand sliced sausage and then we built our own margarita with fennel salami and goat's curd.

The pizzas are special as the base is made from slow rising sourdough which is baked in a wood burning "Tuff" brick oven made in Naples by a specialised artisan. The oven is super hot (500 C) and the slow levitation and blast cooking process give the pizzas their unique texture and taste….apparently this system was originally developed by the Greeks in the 5th century BC!


Both pizzas were absolutely amazing - I can see why this place is so popular - the pizza base is so soft and flavoursome and the ingredients are really fresh, plentiful and tasty. I never eat the pizza crust but here I couldn't resist especially with their garlic oil.

Service was prompt but not particularly friendly and they don't serve diet coke which was a huge disappointment but the pizzas were faultless. Some of the best I have ever had….and believe me, I have had a few!! They don't take bookings so I would advise arriving early or be prepared to wait as it appears everybody wants a slice of Franco Manca.

Franco Manca

91 Old Brompton Road,
Tel: 020 7584 9713

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