Sunday, 26 January 2014


I went to see Wolf of Wall Street on Friday - wow - what a fantastic film. I am a huge Leonardo Di Caprio fan - my bedroom growing up was covered with posters of him in Romeo and Juliet and nearly 20 years later I am just as obsessed! Margot Robbie looks phenomenal and is real thinspiration. I definitely need to start a new diet but it hasn't happened this weekend!!

Friday night Pascal & I went to The Sand's End pub with our gorgeous friends Hard & Fran. I have been here a few times and always had fantastic food - I would come more but it is kind of in the middle of nowhere (i.e. not near a tube). It is definitely worth the effort though.

The pub offers "a slice of the countryside to a small corner of South West London". The food is seasonal and so the menu changes regularly - one thing they always have is phenomenal scotch eggs!

Here is a copy of our menu:

We started the meal with scotch eggs and a sausage roll.

The scotch egg was incredible, the best I have ever had. The sausage roll was good but not as good as The Brown Cow ( - the sister pub).

For starter, Fran and I both had the crab and scallop raviolo with buttered leeks and shellfish veloute. I have to say it didn't look much but it tasted amazing - lots of fish, perfectly made pasta and a delicious sauce.

Hard and Pascal both had the burrata with artichoke lyonnaise, truffle vinaigrette and chives. This was also delicious and the flavours went really well together but the burrata wasn't as fresh as it can be and was a little fizzy.

Both boys wiped their plates clean though!!

For mains Pascal and I shared barbecue short rib with macaroni cheese and coleslaw - this was unbelievably good!

It could go down as one of my of greatest meals! I mainly went for this because I love mac and cheese but the beef and coleslaw were so deliciously tasty - it has opened up a whole new world for me as I am now desperate to try all the barbecue restaurants around London. I polished off the whole plate!

Fran had the chicken, leek and pancetta pie with puree mushrooms and buttered kale.

She said it was absolutely delicious!! Hard had serious food envy as he wanted the barbecue short rib but had no one to share it with (he did consider getting his own) but then instead had the braised beef cheek a la bourguignon with creamed potato, green beans and spinach. This was also very very good.

We had liquid puddings - tequila slammers - after that my memory is a little hazy but I do remember having a fantastic time and really really enjoying the food, the atmosphere was great - lively and happy and the staff were brilliant. I will definitely be back - I just hope they don't change the menu too much as I would want to eat the exact same thing!!

The Sand's End

135 - 137 Stephendale Road,
Tel: 020 7731 7823

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