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My first weekend back in London with Pascal and I knew exactly where I wanted to go….my favourite place….Covent Garden. I regretted it once I was on the tube though, it was so packed you could hardly breathe!! It was worth it when we were there, we looked at the shops and watched the street entertainers and then it was time to eat. Covent Garden is packed with so many good restaurants although I chose Mishkin's as I wanted to go for a very long time. I once went to the next door restaurant Opera Tavern and was massively disappointed but luckily not this time.

Mishkin's is another eatery by Russell Norman (Polpo, Polpetto, Da Polpo & Spuntino) - I have been to  Polpo and Spuntino & enjoyed the food although the interiors weren't really me….a bit too casual….(I am just not cool enough)!! The same has to be said for Mishkin's, exposed brick walls, checkered floor, paper napkins, small rickety tables & chairs (too close together)…on the plus side there are some nice red booths. Pascal said in France that this place wouldn't even pass for a cafe let alone a restaurant!! Anyway it is important to keep an open mind…

We were given menus and ordered drinks as soon as we sat down - a g&t for me & a Hendricks for Pascal. I had read that service could be a bit slow but that was not my immediate impression. They made our drinks quickly however they did then sit on the bar for a while….I was tempted to go and get them myself!!

Once they finally arrived we tucked in and checked out the menu - I could have ordered pretty much everything…hot dog, burgers, mac & cheese…..ideal!! Pascal was not so enamoured, he was hoping for something a little posher! Mishkin's has the reputation of being a kind of Jewish deli but it is not kosher and it is more about American comfort food.

Pascal & I decided to share the blue cheese and mushroom mac and cheese, a Reuben sandwich & a couple of beef, onion and Swiss cheese sliders (I had a single and Pascal had a double). I also wanted a hot dog, the lamb burger and the salt beef sandwich but I didn't want to gain a stone over the weekend!!

It was all delicious. The slider was incredible - soft bun, enough cheese, tasty beef, onions and perfect pickles.

It was one of the best burgers I have had - I just wish it had been bigger. I could definitely have had another - Pascal adored his too.

The Reuben was filled with lots of pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing on toasted Rye bread with pickles. This was also heavenly and I enjoyed every last bite.

Last but not least - the mac and cheese with blue cheese and mushrooms.

Amazing - lots of cheese with big chunks of mushroom. To be honest I couldn't really taste the blue cheese as it was mixed with the other cheeses (mozzarella, Parmesan and cheddar) but it was all yummy. It was almost as good as mine :-)

The portions weren't huge and now looking back on it I regret not having more,  I definitely could have squeezed in another mini burger! Looking back on similar places I have been to this past year, this definitely comes up top - I much preferred it to Spuntino and Polpo…and to Patty and Bun, Meat Liquor, a billion times over.

Pascal and I both agreed we would go back, I like the fact it is open all day and I loved the food. The place was a bit casual for me, it's perfect for a quick lunch but not a long lazy one nor for supper, plus one thing I forgot to mention is they served wine in tumblers - a pet peeve of mine. However when I enquired about wine glasses, the waiter basically told me that they didn't have them and wine was better in a tumbler as it's like a big shot glass… did make me chuckle but Pascal was appalled….this place is certainly not French!!!

25 Catherine Street, 
Tel: 020 7240 2078

PS They take bookings and do takeaways.

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