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To finish off the eatathon weekend, Pascal & I did something we never ever do - we got a take away! We never order takeaways as to be honest, I never think they are any good & so are a waste of money (my brother thinks I am insane as he has at least a couple a week & that is just Chinese)! I would much prefer to either cook or go out and the benefit of living in a city is there are always restaurants or shops in walking distance.

However as a huge burger fan I have been keen to try Chosen Bun since it opened last year. I read about the two guys Andy and Pete a while before they started - they had been on a burger tasting mission in the US and ate 3 burgers everyday for 10 days and they tried 1000 beef patties, 10 different types of lettuce, 12 types of pickled gherkin, dozens of different buns, 30 different onion ring recipes, 50 triple-cooked chip recipes…and so on. That sounds like Heaven to me and would seriously tempt me out of retirement!

Unfortunately some friends who had tried Chosen Bun hadn't really rated it - my fellow burger buddy Corrie only gave it a 6 out of 10 but now was time for me to check it out

The website is super easy to navigate and I very quickly ordered Pascal & my meal online.

There are five different burgers to choose from and numerous sides (Menu). Pascal and I both ordered the Viking Burger which consisted of Beef patty, caramelised red onion and garlic chutney, lettuce, American cheese or Cheddar cheese, ketchup, mayo and Nicks pickles. It is all cooked medium however you can ask for it well done. Not rare/blue unfortunately for Pascal. I was also disappointed you couldn't ass extras like bacon or extra cheese.

For sides we ordered the Belgians - crunchy skin on, triple cooked chips with Rosemary salt, Mark & Cheese - fried mac & cheese bites covered in panko breadcrumbs & onion rings. You can order the time you want the food delivered or ask for asap which was about 20-25 minutes which isn't bad for a take away.

Here you go - it was all nicely delivered and presented and most importantly hot!

I had my misgivings but actually I was very pleasantly surprised!!! The burger was excellent, meaty, cheesy and the pickles were a brilliant addition. I would have liked to be able to add bacon or blue cheese or something but I guess the company are keeping it simple and it was a very good burger - I will definitely be having it again.

The highlight of the meal for me were the macaroni cheese bites - they were fabulous - crispy and creamy and cheesy - I was fighting Pascal for them. I could have had my own pot easily and I know that Arabella is going to LOVE them. I enjoyed the onion rings although Pascal found them too greasy. I did wake up with heartburn the next day, something I rarely have unless I have been drinking copious amounts go gin & fanta lemon in Menorca. Pascal reckoned it would be from the onion rings - who knows - I would still have them again.

One item that was a real disappointment were the "Belgiums" (chips) - these were rubbish. Not salted enough, tasteless and cold. This is something Chosen Bun need to work on as their menu is limited and chips are probably one of the most popular sides to a burger.

All is all it was a fine takeaway and yes, I would have it again (mainly for the macaroni cheese bites). It came to about £30 which is a lot more expensive than MacDonalds but same price as Shake Shack or Five Guys and you can eat it in the comfort of your own home, plus it tasted like good quality food (other than the chips). A good alternative when you can't be bothered to cook or go out into our cold miserable wet English weather!

After all this eating, I am on a diet this week….I will start writing about it tomorrow…..I need to rein myself in but I am a piglet through and through!!

Chosen Bun

647 Fulham Road
Tel: 020 731 2411
Email: andy@chosenbun.com or pete@chosenbun.com

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