Monday, 16 December 2013


My friend Jennifer gave me this recipe 3 years ago and I have never looked at it since! However as my sister was coming round for a Christmas drink at the weekend I thought it was the perfect time to finally make it as Kirsty adores anything with fish. It was quick and simple and I think I will be making it for every dinner party from now fact thinking about it now makes me want it again. 


100g fresh white crab meat
100g Philadelphia cream cheese (I used light to save on calories)
2 handful of flaked almonds
6 drops of Worcester Sauce
A squeeze of lemon
Black pepper

Preheat the oven to 180 C.

Put the crab in a bowl with the cream cheese and mix together. Squeeze in some lemon and add the Worcester sauce and some black pepper.

Cover the crab mixture with the almonds.

Put it in the oven for 10 minutes until it is warmed through and the almonds are toasted, then serve with crisp breads or toasted baguette.

This was absolutely delicious and I would really recommend making it as it is so simple and is a different canape to the usual crudites and hummus. I had also tried to make Heston Blumenthal's Bagna Cauda dip but it was totally revolting and so went straight in the bin - Jennifer's recipe was far superior!!

One tip is don't be as lazy as me and wipe the top of the dish before you serve!!

Enjoy :-)

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  1. will try this tomorrow - have a gluten free friend coming - so this sounds ok + nice and easy - but easy on Heston, i've just bought his microwave oven.