Sunday, 29 December 2013


One of the things I hate most about being a divorced parent is sharing the holidays. Arabella went to her father's yesterday afternoon & I am missing her so much already. However I try and look on the bright side and as Pascal & I were footloose and fancy-free last night we decided to have a date night at a hotel restaurant where we spent a lot of time when we first met. It is full of good memories & has the most amazing food - it is my favourite place to go when I am over here.

The first thing I love about this place is the canap├ęs you are given when you have a drink - no boring peanuts here - we started off with a glass of champagne & a charcuterie board!

It came with the most incredible coarse terrine, rustic bread with salted butter and hams, chorizo & salami. Pascal & I were literally fighting over the last bit of pate….I nearly stabbed him with my fork to get it!

We ate this at the bar while Pascal chatted to the lovely owner Norbert & his staff (I didn't contribute much due to my lack of French)! and then it was time to go to the table.

The restaurant is very cosy and we were seated by the window watching a massive snow storm going on outside. The menu is incredible - there is so much to choose from and I literally want EVERYTHING!

And there is also specials board.

I knew I was going to want to study the menu for a while (my type of porn) so Pascal ordered some guacamole which is a new addition to their menu (most unfrench) & of course some wine.

The guacamole was incredible - better than lots of places in England - instead of red onion I think they used spring onions and such a small alteration made a huge difference. We scraped the dish clean and had I been at home alone I would have licked it!!

Even though I read the menu for ages and I ended up having my usual - snails in garlic butter and then the best pasta dish in the world - truffle ravioli.

Both were incredible! The snails were covered in garlic and I ate about a loaf of the rustic bread to soak up all the delicious sauce. I think I would have preferred just 6 snails but I wasn't going to waste any.

The truffle ravioli is literally a work of art - creamy, cheesy & full of truffles - I couldn't stop inhaling the smell (Pascal had to tell me to calm down)!! YUM!! It tasted heavenly.

Pascal is way more adventurous than me and he had two dishes off the specials board - beef carpaccio with rocket, Parmesan & truffles and then spelt risotto with chanterelles & sweetbreads.

As expected the carpaccio was delicious - it is not something I ever choose but I should do as it was really good. Now sweetbreads is something I would NEVER choose - the thought of offal makes me want to vomit! However I had a mouthful and wow - they were incredible as was the spelt risotto. I couldn't believe how good it tasted and I was shocked how much I enjoyed it….maybe I need to become more adventurous in my food choices!!

By this point we were both fit to burst and so there was no puddings for us - I did notice other people having them and they looked delicious.

We finished with shots of genepi, or more like I did, as pascal had already had several for lunch and then it was time for bed.

I would have been very happy to stay in the hotel in one of the cute, quaint rooms as I was not happy to go out in the snow but unfortunately like always the hotel was fully booked (it is a fantastic place).

Another incredible meal - I will need some starvation after this as I must have consumed about 2000 calories but it was definitely worth it. My favourite place….I hope to be back very soon as they also do an amazing burger, truffle fondue and I already want that pasta again!!!


Hotel Les Peupliers
Le Praz
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 08 41 47

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