Monday, 23 December 2013


Thankfully life in France has become more peaceful and yesterday we managed to have a good day. Arabella is so happy - she adores skiing and is the only child I have ever met who is happy to go to ski school (I used to cry my eyes out and one time even wet myself which my brother still likes to kindly remind me about). Pascal & I had a great ski and then it was a couple of drinks at our favourite mountain top bar and finally lunch (the highlight of my day).

As the sun was out we decided to go to Le Coeur de Cristal as it has a terrace however unfortunately we ended up sitting inside as it wasn't quite warm enough and no one likes their food to become freezing cold within a matter of minutes.

I like this place as it is nicely decorated in cool greys, it is only a short ski down to the bottom, the food is great plus it is a very fun place for apres ski drinks….it can turn into quite a party!!! Sadly not for us though as we were with Pascal's kids and his dad. Another time though.

There is plenty on the menu to choose from - salads, burgers, pasta, local dishes and french favourites like steak tartar. I was at a loss of what to order as I wanted most dishes. As there are no menus online - here are a few photos of the menu:

We ordered a "Planche du Chalet" to start which was delicious.

Sauccison, ham, cornichons and cheese lollipops - such a fantastic idea - I would choose this over a chupa chip any day!!

Then - no surprise - I had a burger!! It wasn't any old burger, it was smothered in onions, reblochon cream, salad and even potatoes!! I removed these as I couldn't comprehend the idea but the rest of it was totally delicious and the fries incredible. It kind of reminded me of a cleaner Big Mac. To make it perfect I would exchange the potatoes for pickles.

Pascal had the same as me and then his two daughters had a cheeseburger which they also said was excellent.

I didn't taste as they have their burgers blue (ick) so we just have to take their word for it! It was just a normal burger with a slice of cheese.

Pascal's father had the daily special which was a vegetable risotto.

He ate the entire plate so I can say he definitely liked it - conversation between him & I is stilted as he doesn't speak English and my french is only slightly better than Joey's in Friends. I just smile a lot!!

There was no room for puddings which was unfortunate as they make the most incredible pies, cakes and macaroons - they even have a macaroon tree (I need one of those) - if you have a sweet tooth, you will love it here.

Another fantastic place to eat and drink in France - Pascal tells me it is impossible to gain weight while skiing - I think I am going to be the exception to the rule if I carry on going at this rate. I am now about to try and sweat it out with some bikram in the sauna….should be interesting!!!

Le Coeur de Cristal

Se situe au croisement des pistes des Rhodos et Marmottes
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 22 46 09

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