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While Gola is my favourite Italian restaurant, Locale is my closest & has become a very regular haunt. It's got a lovely little garden/terrace out front, a relaxed bar area and then the restaurant. It is a very relaxed place to go to grab and pizza or pasta and it has some great deals which I LOVE!! 

50% off steak on a Monday night, Happy Hour everyday from 5pm-7pm and then my absolute favourite - Happy Hour and free canapes on a Friday from 5pm-8pm (I have started revolving my Friday plans around this)!! The staff are really friendly, there is a children's menu (pasta, pizza, chicken, fish) and a good selection of cocktails - so it really has something for everyone!

The menu has stuzzichini (Italian tapas) like calamari, bruschetta or antipasti whilst the main menu has starters like scallops wrapped in pancetta, a mozzarella & tomato salad and veal meatballs in a mushroom sauce. Main courses range from various pizzas to pasta (my favourite is the Abruzzo style “guitar string” fresh egg pasta with homemade beef meatballs tossed in ‘Locale’ tomato sauce) to steaks, fish or salad.

Often Pascal, Arabella & I go on a Friday for happy hour and nibbles - Arabella has a pizza and an ice cream, Pascal & I have some cocktails, wine & free canap├ęs and we all go home with smiles on our faces (especially me). 

Last night Pascal & I went to see Diana at the cinema (I surprisingly liked it & would recommend it despite the terrible reviews) and then we popped to Locale for some wine and pizza. It was a Monday night and it was buzzing - a great happy atmosphere - being fond of the booze we decided to sit in the bar area (I also like it as it's a great spot for people watching). We had several glasses of wine while studying the menu. It was a toughie as there were about 4 different starters we wanted and then a pizza and then a pasta and Pascal was also keen on the steak deal and I had my eye on their Italian Burger. However we managed to rein it in as the scales are not my friend at the moment & I should be just on soup and grapefruit but how boring is that?!!

We started by ordering an Americana pizza which has mozzarella, tomato, meatballs and ricotta - it was delicious.

The thing I like about the pizzas here are they are very thin and then the tomato sauce is fresh and flavoursome - like you would imagine an Italian Mama making in Naples. The ricotta and meatballs work perfectly together as the ricotta adds extra cheese (yum yum) and the meatballs are much healthier and less processed than a meat like pepperoni.

In typical EJ & Pascal piglet like fashion one pizza wasn't enough so we ended up ordering another. One of Pascal's favourite pasta dishes to make is tuna pasta so we decided to try the Tonno e Cipolle which has mozzarella, tomato, tuna, red onion & capers. 

It was also very good but not my favourite - a bit too fishy and obviously not enough cheese. That is not to say we didn't polish the whole lot off and practically licked the plate clean!!

The two pizzas hit the spot as did the wine and it turned out to be a lovely evening.

Locale is very easy - simple, friendly, good food and wine and great surprise deals. My brother lives outside Reading and can buy a double gin & tonic under £3.00. I think that £3.00 in Fulham would buy you the tonic - but no ice, lemon, gin or even use of a glass - so it's nice to find a neighbourhood restaurant where you can buy a cocktail for £4.25 & a pizza for under £10 that doesn't disappear in one mouthful (mentioning no names pizza express).

PS One of my favourite things about Locale is they made me a four cheese pizza last week even though they don't have it on the menu & it was brilliant!! So much cheese!!

222 Munster Road
Tel: 020 7381 6137

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