Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I have wanted to go to Bubbledogs since it opened last year - hot dogs and champagne - what's not to like? Well, quite a lot according to my fiance Pascal - he refused to make the 45 minute journey with me to try it out, so I had to resort to just drooling over the hot dog pictures on foodspotting.

Anyway with him out of town last weekend I bribed my 5 year old daughter to come with me as there is a toy museum around the corner - (Pollock Toy Museum.....pretty random but entertaining...good doll selection).

I had heard about the long queues to get a table however I diced with danger and turned up at 1pm - prime lunching time. Thankfully it was not too busy and we got a seat at the bar. The restaurant was much smaller than I expected - it is tiny in fact - around seven tables which mostly sit 4 and at a push 5 and then about 10 bar stools - not the most relaxing environment. It had a buzzy, lively atmosphere and the service was friendly and prompt. 

There are 13 different hot dogs to order ranging from a plain sausage in a bun to a hot dog with Caesar dressing, lettuce, parmesan & crispy chicken skin to one covered with cheddar cheese, apple, pickled onions and homemade piccalilli. For sides you can choose from sweet potato french fries, tater tots or coleslaw.

Arabella ordered a naked hot dog and I ordered the New Yorker (grilled onions) and then I added extra cheese (obviously). We had the sweet potato fries as a side with cheese whizz (a melted cheese sauce). 

There were plenty of champagnes to choose from however I did not indulge - I did not see the point in spending at least £10 on a glass of champagne while sitting on the most uncomfortable stool so I had a diet coke instead (which in my eyes goes much better with a hot dog).

It did not take long for the hot dogs to arrive - soft fresh buns with........a measly, skinny sausage!! What an anti climax!! I would have thought that if your restaurant only served one thing, that thing would be a size you'd be proud of!! The hot dog looked like a pepperami and not the jumbo one!!

Not to be deterred I kept an open mind and tucked in. Looks can be deceiving and I will admit I enjoyed the hot dog - it had a slight kick to it and I loved the combination of the cheese and onion, plus there was PLENTY of cheese. My daughter Arabella however was not a fan - despite being allowed ketchup she still did not rate it and was mighty annoyed we had not gone to Shake Shack for a burger instead. 

The whole hot dog is not big and being the piglet that I am, I was tempted to order another (this time the BLT - bacon with caramelised lettuce and truffle mayo) but I ended up eating half of Arabella's - waste not, want not!!

The sweet potato fries were looked good and were good especially with the cheese whizz. Arabella and I adored this sauce so much, we had to order another portion. I would have preferred normal fries and don't understand why they don't offer them as another option.

It was not a long dining experience and we were in and out the restaurant within half an hour - when we left Arabella made me promise that next time we would go to Shake Shack - I have to admit the hot dog was better there.....thinking about it I had a hot dog in Hyde Park over the summer for £3 and even that had a better sized sausage. 

I did enjoy my New Yorker with cheese and my sweet potato fries with the cheesy sauce however I would not rush back unless I was in the area looking for a quick bite, but even then I think Charlotte Street has better places to offer. One thing's for sure I am very pleased I did not take Pascal as otherwise I would have had an extremely grumpy Frenchman on my hands - (he would not have been happy about the small hot dogs and high stools with no backs).

PS One thing I was a huge fan of were the loos - the wallpaper was made out of different menus - porn for me - I could have spent hours in there!!


70 Charlotte Street
Tel: 020 7637 7770

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  1. Great blog, just stumbled across it today. I've been wanting to try Bubbledogs at too, but now, after reading this, I think I'll give it a miss :). Thanks for your honest review.
    *kisses* H

    1. Hi H, You are welcome - it's great to hear comments, thank you so much for taking the time - Five Guys have started or are going to start hot dogs soon and I bet they will be good & then you could always go to Brasserie Blanc for champagne & better views after! xx