Monday, 16 March 2015


I had a very "adventurous" weekend - I went all the way to East London to the Geffrye museum and then I went to lunch on my own at the Red Dog Saloon. I was actually torn between this, Meat Mission and The Blue's Kitchen but Red Dog Saloon was the first one I found so I went with this as I do not know the area well at all!! It is a authentic American BBQ restaurant serving chicken wings, ribs, burgers with a variety of sides….all very up my street.

I was a bit anxious about going for lunch in a restaurant on my own (Norman no friends) but I wanted to have something a little more exciting than my usual pret-a-manger so decided to be brave!

The restaurant was busy and very very noisy - lots of tables of groups - but it had a fun, buzzy atmosphere and very friendly staff. Obviously I had already checked out the menu online - I was wishing I could order food for about 8 people!!

I ended up choosing the BBQ burger with bacon, cheese and an onion ring and a side of mac and cheese with bacon. It arrived pretty quickly (always good when you are on your lonesome).

I was impressed when it arrived - the burger was quite a size, however that also meant it wasn't easy to eat especially as was filled with sauce. I endeavoured to pick it up to eat but it wasn't a pretty sight - thank god they have a napkin dispenser on the table! The burger was cooked medium and it came with a BBQ sauce, lettuce and pickle as well. I enjoyed it but it wasn't one of the best burgers I have had, too much sauce which is something I never say. 

The mac and cheese and bacon also wasn't my favourite - it tasted alright but processed, like it was made by a packet and was more creamy and cheesy. Obviously I still ate it all though! Maybe I would have been better off ordering one of their BBQ meat speciality meals?

The pudding menu looked interesting especially the Mississippi mud pie but as I wasn't bowled over by the food, I decided to save the calories for a cupcake or something on my long trek home.

The Red Dog Saloon reminded me very much of the Big Easy on the King's road, a great place to go with friends for cocktails and a bite to eat, the food isn't top notch but to be honest the emphasis is more on having fun than gourmet cuisine. It obviously does this job very well as it was filled with big tables and the menu offers starter platters to share and whole joints of meat such as a pork shoulder. Plus if you really want to have a laugh with your friends you can enter "The Devastator" challenge which includes a burger topped with 18oz chuck steak, 200g pulled pork, 6 rashes of bacon and 6 slices of cheese…..I expect I would be tempted to go back to see someone attempt that!! I might have to give my brother a ring….

Red Dog Saloon

37 Hoxton Square
N1 6NN
Tel: 020 3551 8014

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