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I love Mexican food although it is not the most popular cuisine in London and there aren't as many Mexican restaurants around as I would like. I do love the burrito bar Tortilla or the more upmarket La Bodega Negra but I also am a big fan of cooking old el paso dishes like tacos or fajitas (a university stable).

My sister Kirsty was recently living near Taqueria in Notting Hill so I had to give it a go before she moved - I went with her and Arabella however it was mainly just me eating as Kirsty is vegan and Arabella was being fussy. I need to go back with Pascal so we can properly get stuck in!

For Arabella I ordered off the children's menu - she had cheese quesadillas.

These were super simple and just contained plain melted cheese - we were expecting something a bit more exciting so Arabella was not impressed. I added the avocado to them which made them more tasty.

We shared the "frijoles refritos" - the refried beans with crumbly cheese and this was absolutely delicious, we could have had one each and I would come back for this alone. This certainly made up for Arabella's quesadillas.

I had two tacos - the first one was the "choriqueso" - house made Mexican chorizo rolled inside brown cheese with onion and coriander.

This was pretty random in that it was a cheese tube and quite messy to eat but it tasted heavenly - very cheesy. I would have liked some guacamole with it but hadn't ordered any and was too hungry to wait!

I also ordered the "conchinita pibil" - slow cooked pork marinated in achiote and citrus juice, house pickled Scotch bonnet, pick pickled onions and coriander.

This was also very good but had quite a kick to it - I am not sure Pascal could have handled the spice!

I didn't order anything else even though I was very tempted by the garlicky mushroom tacos and the beer battered pollock ones.

It was super quick and very well priced and I left feeling satisfied. My sister and Arabella not so much but nothing some fruit and veg (my sister) and fruit pastilles (Arabella) couldn't fix. The restaurant is currently having a makeover and will reopen at the end of January 2015 - I definitely look forward to trying it again. It's definitely a quick lunch venue - nothing smart - but I find with Mexican, that is exactly what I want. 


139-143 Westbourne Grove
W11 2RS
Tel: 020 7229 4734
Email: info@taqueria.co.uk

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