Saturday, 6 December 2014


I was so chuffed last week as I managed to book a table at Berners Tavern on a Friday night…or so I thought. They called me a couple of days ago to confirm my table at 8.30….for breakfast not supper…duh!!! No wonder they had space at such short notice!!

Anyway I thankfully then reserved a table at the Bluebird. I used to be a real regular here, Arabella even had her christening party in the private rooms however I haven't actually eaten here for about 5 years so it was long overdue.

We arrived at 8.30 (pm) and the place was heaving - a real party atmosphere in both the bar and the restaurant, something I was not expecting. I thought the Bluebird had had it's "moment" and would be lacking in ambiance…how wrong I was (again). 

I was truly torn over what to order as it is a good menu - as they always have fabulous fresh seafood, I went for the crab. Pascal was tempted by the oysters but ended up having the foie gras.

Now for another error on my part, I didn't read the menu properly as it is "proper" crab in the shell, not dressed crab. Duh.

It was very good, but I do hate the fiddly bit of taking the crab out the shell & I had a Pretty Woman moment where I flicked crab everywhere…not very ladylike.

Pascal ordered foie gras ballotine with pickled grapes, raisin puree and hazelnuts and unfortunately he didn't fare any better with his starter.

It was delicious but it was too rich for him, he was expecting the foie gras itself to be plain and not so "mousse like". Luckily for me, I can handle rich food, so I helped him out!

Thankfully our luck changed with the main courses - we both ordered burgers with a side of mac and cheese (each of course) and a rocket and Parmesan salad.

The burger was delicious - it was 200g of brisket and short rib Galloway beef, lettuce, tomato, monterey jack and the house sauce. I am not sure what the sauce was but it was incredible - randomly it reminded me of a pimped up big mac but in a very good way (I love a big mac but never eat at MacDonald's as I am too scared to think about what the burger is actually made of etc). The burger was so good, it didn't need any extra sauces which is a very rare occurrence for me.

The mac and cheese was cheesy with a crispy crust, not as tasty as mine but enjoyable. Whereas the rocket and Parmesan salad was spectacular - we were fighting over the last lettuce leaf at the end and even contemplated ordering another!! A very pleasant surprise!!

The pudding menu looked good but we were fit to burst. Despite disappointing starters, the mains more than made up for it and I can safely say we will be back. There was plenty more on the menu to try - I had my eye on the burrata for my next starter - and the brownie and marshmallow sundae has my name all over it.  Although probably for lunch rather than dinner as it was so noisy that we couldn't hear each other talk which isn't ideal for a chatterbox like me (although Pascal properly enjoyed not having to listen to my endless drivel)!!

350 King's Road
Tel: 020 7559 1000

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