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I felt most important last night as I was invited to my first ever blogger event - supper in the gorgeous secret garden at Bumpkin in Chelsea, organised by Square Meal (my favourite website / my bible). I used to go to the Bumpkin in South Ken regularly for lunch as it was pretty kid friendly, uses superior British seasonal ingredients and most importantly I always enjoyed the burger and mac and cheese (no surprise there)! 

The Bumpkin in Chelsea opened around a year ago and has been on my restaurant list since, mainly because of it's super pretty garden, a great contrast to the cosy setting of the actual inside restaurant (although both inside and out are really romantic with their twinkling fairy lights). As you might know from my earlier blogpost on The Phene one of my guilty pleasures is Made in Chelsea and so when they recently filmed at Bumpkin, I wanted to go even more!!

Anyway I was really nervous about going for supper with a group of people I didn't know, which was a bit silly as we were all food bloggers, so obviously had lots in common, and we started off the evening with a deliciously refreshing glass of Pimms and some great restaurant chat.

The Pimms went down very well!

After a couple of glasses we sat down and looked at the menu - being the little piglet that I am, I had already asked Square Meal for a copy that morning which I had been drooling over all day. I was still undecided what to eat….I wanted it all to be honest. With the starters I was torn between the Pan Fried Scottish Queen Scallops with Chilled Pea Soup and Crispy Bacon or the Smoked Ham Hock Terrine, Crispy Crackling and Dill Pickles or even the sharing platter of BBQ Pork Ribs….it was a toughie!

For mains I obviously wanted the Angus Beef Burger with Triple Cooked Chips and Salad or the Slow Braised Short Beef Rib with Baked Cauliflower Cheese was also very tempting…decisions decisions.

In the end on the recommendation of our very helpful waitress I chose the Dressed Cornish Crab with Avruga Caviar on Toast followed by the 10oz Rose Veal Chop with Mushroom, Tarragon and Anchovy Sauce with Mac and Cheese on the side (natch)!

While we waited for our starters we tried a trio of juices - firstly was a Vitamin Booster with Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger. This had a real kick to it and I could tell it was doing my body some good! The Body Hydrate of Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint tasted absolutely delicious and the last one Cool Cucumber with Cucumber, Apple and Lime Juice was incredibly refreshing.

Once in an hour of need after weeks of gorging I did a week of the juice diet - these tasted far better than anything I ever made!

It wasn't long before our starters arrived and I couldn't have been happier with my choice (I think lots of people had major food envy) - my crab looked incredible. It was HUGE which is not normally the case with crab (and reasonably priced which I have never experienced before). Lots of crab, egg, salad and mayonnaise all neatly presented in the shell with two round pieces of toast with caviar. I can easily say it was the best crab starter I have had in a very long time and I always choose crab in restaurants as it is not something I am brave enough to do at home. An excellent choice!!

I was also equally overjoyed when my main course turned up. A hearty veal chop cooked perfectly pink covered with various mushrooms (unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough to tell what type of mushrooms there were other than delicious)!

It was all beautifully presented with a mini saucepan of the mushroom, tarragon and anchovy sauce on the side. I didn't hold back and dolloped it all on my veal and tucked in.

It was incredible - I had to stop myself from gnawing at the bone! I felt like I was going to explode but I could not stop myself eating the entire dish as the meat was so tender and soft and the sauce delectable. It is obvious that Bumpkin use only the best British suppliers. As I mentioned I also ordered the mac and cheese (I probably should have gone for a healthier option of vegetables…but you only live once) and I was exceptionally pleased with my choice (again) as it was five star….and I am a mac and cheese professional!! The perfect balance of cheese, cream and pasta.

I am not one for puddings and normally go for cheese, but even I couldn't fathom
a cheese board after all I had devoured. Myself and my fellow blogger the Gluten Free Foodie decided to share a pudding (for research purposes obviously) and we went for the Summer Berries, Cream, Lemon Curd and Meringue and an Espresso Martini…we needed to go out with a bang!

A perfect way to round off an exquisite meal - the meringue, lemon curd, cream and berries all complimented each other and tasted delicious….it has definitely made me rethink my attitude to puddings…watch out waist line! Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to enjoy my espresso martini as Pascal had got carried away in the city and not arrived home to relieve the babysitter….typical…so I had to abruptly leave the meal much to my disappointment. 

Despite my nerves beforehand I had a thoroughly good time. A beautiful setting - once the sun went down, the fairy lights came out and the garden felt magical and it was hard to believe you were in the centre of London. The food and wine were delicious, I had eaten enough to feed a small family. The service was attentive, polite and knowledgeable and the company was fantastic - it was great to meet some fellow food obsessives.

I now look forward to introducing Bumpkin Chelsea to my buddies….although I certainly won't be wearing tight jeans when I go, as with food like that I will definitely be overindulging again….it is impossible not to!!

119 Sydney Street,
Tel: 020 3730 9344

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