Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I am so pleased that it is now barbecue season - Pascal, Arabella and I love a barbecue as it can be a healthy supper such as steak and a green salad or that little bit naughty like cheeseburgers with a pasta salad! Last night wasn't too bad but then it wasn't too good either - we had a pork chop, grilled mushrooms with some goats cheese and then the blue cheese coleslaw. 

I love coleslaw - (my bff Amanda and I adore a cheese and coleslaw sandwich) - and so when I saw a recipe in my new Olive magazine for blue cheese coleslaw, I knew I had to make it. It is super easy and so delicious.

Ingredients for 4 people:

100g blue cheese such as Stilton or Dolcelatte, crumbled
200ml sour cream
2 tbsp mayonnaise
Half a white cabbage, shredded
A red onion, thinly sliced

Firstly shred the cabbage - I made a bit of an error here and did not shred enough! You don't want your cabbage to be too big like mine!

Slice the red onion.

Then put the cabbage, onion, sour cream, mayonnaise and blue cheese in a big bowl and mix together as much as possible.

Finely season and leave to set until you are ready to eat (we used this time to pop out for a drink)!

This was absolutely delicious - the blue cheese gives the coleslaw a real kick and smartens up a normal dish. Perfect if you are having friends round as you can prepare it all early. The only thing I might add next time is some carrot - it would add some colour to the dish and I always think carrots and cheese go well together…although to be honest I think cheese goes with everything!!

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