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Some days it is better to never get out of bed, don't you agree? For me today was one of those days. I woke up exhausted - I couldn't switch off last night as I knew I was meeting my ex husband today. Arabella used this morning to try and win an award at being slower than a snail. I then had to meet the dreaded ex which was a total waste of time as always and made my mood even worse. I couldn't even come home and hide from the world as we were having our broken boiler replaced so had no water for the entire day. Yoga slightly improved my disposition but not much - so I knew there was only one thing to do - eat!!!

Pascal didn't want to travel too far and he ended up suggesting Sophie's Steakhouse. I used to live very nearby and frequented the restaurant a lot although they raised their prices which put me off. When Arabella was a baby / toddler it was a great place to come as they are very child friendly and relaxed but I drew the line at paying £15.95 for a salad. Thankfully today I was in no mood for a salad!

We arrived and had a lovely table close to the window and immediately ordered a cucumber and mint martini….drinking that with their complimentary plate of salami definitely started taking the edge off. There are several different martini choices that all sound delicious, unfortunately I was limited to just the one as I was on mummy duty this afternoon.

The menu is smaller that it used to be but still very good (menu) - a few starters such as prawn cocktail, calamari and terrines, and then mains such as different types of steak (obviously), chicken, fish and chips, salads, sandwiches and plenty of sides. They also always do specials, a roast on a Sunday and a very good brunch.

For once we didn't have starters and went straight on to a selection of mains and gosh it was good. I had the roasted chicken sandwich with vine ripened tomatoes, baby spinach, crispy bacon, melted Montgomery and mayonnaise.

It is something I have had before and I am very pleased I had it again. It is basically a club sandwich without extra bread. Delicious and I did not regret not having my usual burger. 

Pascal had the burger - The Black Angus Burger - cross rib, minced in house, carpaccio style with chilli, onion, garlic & capers, grilled your way on a brioche bun, with optional emmental cheese and crispy bacon. He asked for it blue which apparently takes longer than well done (go figure) but the end result was apparently worth it. He said it was exceptional and one of the best burgers he'd ever had!

It was too "uncooked" for me to taste but it certainly looked good.

We didn't hold back on sides. Pascal's burger came with some very good fries. I obviously ordered mac and cheese with bacon. It was a risk as I never rated their mac and cheese before, but they have improved their recipe as it was absolutely brilliant - it didn't even need seasoning and I was gutted I had to share it with Pascal - I could have had the lot!

Finally we decided to add some green - Pascal's favourite an iceberg wedge with bacon and blue cheese. Pascal loved it, I prefer the one at the Big Easy as it has chunks of blue cheese in it, but it was still good.

After the feast, the smile was definitely restored to my face! I was once again impressed by Sophie's. My old favourite is now my new favourite….much to Arabella's delight - she loves the salami and the children's menu and the fact they have colours, papers and games such as snakes and ladders.

Some of the items are expensive, but I guess the restaurant serves good quality ingredients, it is in a great position on "the beach" area of the Fulham rd, it has a fun bar, great waiting staff and a cool atmosphere….you pay for what you get and after my experience today, I would say it is worth it.

There is a sister restaurant in Covent Garden on Wellington Street and they also do a take out menu. I look forward to my next trip to Sophie's.

Sophie's Steakhouse

311-313 Fulham Road,
SW10 9QH
Tel: 020 7352 0088

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