Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Whenever I am out and need a quick lunch I ALWAYS go to pret-a-manger. I have to say I love that place....I love the salads, sandwiches, savoury croissants and wraps and I particularly love the fact you know how many calories are in everything. If I am feeling very naughty I will have the cheese, ham and mustard toastie, if I am feeling so so I will have the ham, cheese, bacon and tomato croissant and if I am feeling angelic I will have the chicken salad or the crayfish and avocado "no bread sandwich". 

When I used to work I would literally go to pret everyday....and do you know what, I am still not bored of it! I love the way they bring out new sandwiches and salads constantly...although I am still annoyed they discontinued the tuna Nicoise sandwich about 3 years ago!!! Please bring it back!!

Anyway sometimes it is good to try something new and so I decided to check out the falafel sandwich bar 'Just Falafel' that recently opened on the Fulham road. Falafel is something I adore but don't have often, I don't think it is as popular over here as it is in other countries. Apparently falafel is the most successful street food in the world and has been around for 4000 years....pret definitely can't stake such a claim!!!

Just Falafel offers 8 different types of wraps, all are made to order and include 4 freshly cooked crispy falafels with different ingredients. For example the Greek includes olive tapenade, lettuce, tomato and tzatziki and the Mexican includes Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, jalapeƱos, chilli sauce, avocado and tomato salsa. You can also build your own wraps, have a big falafel in a bun burger style, falafels on their own, soups and salads.

I went for the original with fresh mint, parsley, tomato, cucumber and turnip pickles, tahina and I added hummus. I did also want feta but they surpringly didn't have it. Funnily enough the girl in the queue behind me also wanted it.

I had to wait 5 minutes or so while it was cooked and when it arrived I was very very happy I had come here!

It was delicious - so yummy - fresh and full of flavour - I really enjoyed it and will definitely be back again to try the other flavours. I will even bring Arabella as they do mini kids' wraps. 

Change can obviously be a good thing. I am not sure how many calories are involved....and to be honest I don't want to know. It feels fresh, healthy and delicious and that is good enough for me!!

There are 55 Just Falafel branches around the world including 6 in London (Hammersmith, Covent Garden, Fulham, Charing Cross, Baker Street & Romford), the founders' mission is to redefine the fast food category with great flavours, nutritious food and socially conscious behaviour…and I think they are doing just that.

Just Falafel

7 Fulham Broadway

(Take away available) 

Square Meal

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