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The other day neither Pascal nor I had eaten all day (Bikram has magical powers) but it was suddenly 6pm and we thought we should eat or we might collapse or even worse!!

Pascal had a craving for nachos but unfortunately there aren't many Mexicans in Fulham other than one restaurant which doesn't look particularly appetising (unless you have had several cocktails and shots beforehand). We then drooled over the menu at Honky Tonk only to find that it was closed - aahhhhhhhhh! I know this isn't a world wide problem but we were really stumped as to where to go. We considered staying in and cooking Old El Paso nachos but as we didn't have Arabella, we were quite keen to head out.

I searched online for anywhere selling nachos nearby and came up with Hache Burger. Hache is a family run restaurant that was established in 2004 in North London, they then set up shop in Chelsea and have consequently opened another two venues in Shoreditch and Clapham in recent years. I had been here but years ago and so was quite happy to try it again. 

It is a very "cute" place as it has these gorgeous Japanese style fairy / flower blossom lights and there are plenty of mirrors, dark wood and low lighting that creates an ambiance. It almost feels romantic which is extremely rare for a burger joint! Plus it literally serves every burger you can think of from an All-Day-Breakfast burger with bacon, mushrooms and a fried egg to a Thai Fish burger which is a mix of cod and smoked mackerel with exotic Thai herbs and spices served with a sweet chilli sauce and topped with spring onions and shaved you don't get that in McDonald's. They also do the usual run of the mill cheese burgers and salads if you prefer to stick to what you know.

Hache Burger Menu

Obviously we had the nachos to start - to be honest there was not much choice - but this was what we wanted in the first place. In typical oink oink style we gobbled the whole lot down so quickly and forgot to take a photo - duh. There is a photo on their website (see below) and I can tell you they were nice. I think homemade would have been better though as these were seriously lacking cheese and also we ran out of dips pretty early on - if they had been generous with the extras they could have been very good. I won't be rushing back to them though.

The burgers fared a lot better! Pascal had the Reblochon Burger which was topped with Reblochon cheese (obvs) and red onion chutney. It was cooked blue and he chose a brioche bun (you can also have ciabatta).

I had the Blue Cheese burger which was topped with mature Stilton - I went for a "skinny" version so it came with salad rather than a bun.

For sides Pascal had the rocket and Parmesan.

And the potato wedges with salsa and garlic mayonnaise.

And I had the coleslaw.

I could have easily had onion rings as well but you have to draw the line somewhere!!

So the verdict....the meat was excellent, really good beef and absolutely delicious. We both enjoyed our burgers and they were cooked to our liking but maybe we ordered wrong as the toppings just weren't right. I did not have enough cheese (I am getting to that point when I need to ask myself is there ever enough?!) and Pascal's chutney was very very sweet. 

The sides were really good - the wedges were excellent, they had some kind of Cajun flavouring and were really tasty as was the garlic mayo although the salsa had a bit too much of a kick to it for Pascal. I adored the the rocket and Parmesan - one of the best I have ever had although Pascal thought it needed more rocket. Finally the coleslaw was yum, fresh and not laden with sauce.

We didn't have pudding although there were many great suggestions on the menu such as brownies and banoffee pie but there was no room left in our tummies.

I think we will definitely head back another time, especially if we were popping to the cinema or for a quick lunch. Although I would definitely try a different burger as would Pascal (I am already thinking maybe the Roast Pulled Pork with crispy pancetta topped with an onion ring and coleslaw)!

For me, it's no Shake Shack or Five Guys but it is nice to have a burger in a pretty sit down restaurant with good service. Plus the high light of the night - you get smarties with the bill! Sometimes it really is the little things that count!!

329-331 Fulham Road
SW10 9QL
Tel: 020 7823 3515

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