Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I did my second Bikram yoga class today - despite waxing lyrical about it yesterday I was a little apprehensive about doing it again. I needn't have worried - it was awesome.

There are a few points I left off my original review though....

Firstly it is really nice if you can arrive at the class a little early as you lie on your mat / towel and just relax. The room is quiet and peaceful and really really warm and if you have a good imagination you can close your eyes and imagine that you are lying on a beach in the middle of the Caribbean. However the main difference between being on a beach and in a Bikram studio is the smell!! As you can imagine - it stinks!! Not so much sweat and BO, more cheesy feet. Although you do become acclimatised very quickly and the smell disappears so don't let it put you off.

The other thing I noticed was how many men do Bikram - I was amazed. In my body attack / body pump classes, there are a few token men but majority women. In Bikram it was definitely 50:50, if not more men than women. This certainly helped Pascal feel more relaxed.

You really work hard - even though you are technically just stretching, your heart pounds. In between poses, my heart was beating as if I had been running and I was even panting at one point!! 

Finally the sweating is out of control - my nostrils were even sweating - I did not know this was possible. It's all good though, you feel purified. One word of advice, don't meet a friend / potential boyfriend straight after the class - you look like a drowned rat!!

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