Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I rarely eat Indian food as I am not a fan of spice, however it is two days until my due date, I am desperate to have this baby sooner rather than later, and curry apparently brings the labour on. Unfortunately it is now the next day and I am still pregnant but I am happy to say the food was so good I might now be a curry convert!

So last night we went to Chit Chaat Chai with our lovely friends Hard and Fran. Chit Chaat Chai is a new restaurant on the Old York Road in Wandsworth and it serves "chaat food" which is Indian street food, family food, treat food, weekend food - according to the website - the best of all foods!

I had no clue about the menu however the waitress kindly explained the different dishes and what went with what plus Fran had been here before.

We started off with pani puri and yoghurt puris. These were so good we ordered them twice! The pani puris are a combination of sweet, spice and tangy flavours and the yoghurt puris are crunchy round puri balls filled with chickpeas, yoghurt and chaatneys. You eat both of these all in one mouthful! They were excellent and the yoghurt puris were my favourite of the night.

We shared everything - next up were the masala chicken wings - these were good but small, I liked the sauce though.

We also had the okra fries which went well with the Bombay bhel which is a Bombay beach classic of puffed rice, potatoes, onions, chickpeas and tangy tamarind topped with pomegranates. Both so tasty once again - so much flavour and a good kick but not unbearably hot.

We also had the chilli paneer in hope that would be spicy enough to bring the baby on - they were hot but not hideously so and even though I have no idea what they actually are, they tasted great.

For the more "traditional" curry part of the evening we had baby aubergine curry in a peanut masala sauce and lamb railway curry which is apparently what they used to serve in all first class railway carriages and a basket of nan breads. I can't really describe the flavours and what was in the curries but they were good!

My baby brain is in full swing and I am limited in my description of all the food. However what I can say it that it was all really good - my favourite was definitely the tapas style starters. I think the last time I had a curry was when I was pregnant with Arabella 8 years ago, now I know about Indian Street food, I definitely won't be leaving it that long this time. I would really recommend this place. Maybe I will be back again next week if the baby still hasn't arrived?!!

Chit Chaat Chai

356 Old York Road
SW18 1SS
Tel: 020 8480 2364


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