Wednesday, 18 November 2015


They have recently opened a Smith and Wollensky in London and I am keen to give it a go, however the problem with bringing these American imports to England is they charge the same price in pounds as they do in dollars so it works out pretty expensive! Therefore it was much better on the wallet to eat here in Las Vegas and I am very pleased I did.

Smith and Wollensky is a chain of steak houses which was created in 1977 by Alan Stillman who also created TGI Fridays….a favourite of our family growing up. According to Stillman, there was never a Mr Smith or Mr Wollensky involved. He opened the Manhattan phone book twice and randomly pulled out two names, Smith and Wollensky. The announcements for the opening, however, carried the names Charlie Smith and Ralph Wollensky. Stillman later admitted that Charlie and Ralph were the names of his dogs! 

There are 9 locations around the States and now a restaurant in England too - I have visited the ones in Miami, New York and now Vegas.

The menu is a favourite of mine - plenty of seafood starters like crab cakes or tuna tartare, salads such as an iceberg wedge and they also are famous for the split pea soup. For mains there are plenty of steaks or fish or other meats like veal to choose from and lots of tempting sides.

I knew the portions were huge so didn't have a starter and instead went straight for a Gorgonzola crusted 10oz filet mignon with a side of truffled mac and cheese.

While I waited for my supper to arrive, I could not resist the warm white soft dinner rolls flavoured with salt and rosemary - absolutely divine.

Then the main attraction arrived and it really was impressive. The steak was cooked rare and was perfectly pink, there was plenty of Gorgonzola on top as well as a cheesy sauce with bacon bits and spring onions. It was AMAZING!

As was the truffled mac and cheese - both creamy and cheesy, the truffles are from an oil rather than the real McCoy - but brilliant as well. I couldn't stop eating it even though I was totally cheesed out. I wish I had been able to eat more sides as there were so many enticing ones - creamed spinach, buttermilk onion rings and beef bacon and cheddar tots.

I had no room for pudding unfortunately - the table next to me had a gigantic chocolate cake which looked magnificent - I guess I am just going to have to go to the one in London and to be honest, I cannot wait!!

Smith & Wollensky

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