Monday, 12 January 2015


Pascal, Arabella and I went bowling to All Star Lanes on Saturday which was super fun - Pascal and I bowled without Arabella's barriers for once which added some extra excitement (and disappointment)! We decided to try somewhere new for lunch and so ventured over to Westbourne Park Road where I had booked a 12.30 table at Crazy Homies. Unfortunately we were 20 minutes early and their kitchen didn't open until 1pm….why they didn't tell us this when we booked I do not know. Pretty annoying as we didn't want to wait around so ended up nipping next door to Lucky 7, a tiny authentic American diner also owned by Tom Conran. Normally I would be overjoyed to have a burger however Pascal and I had been looking forward to a Mexican. Anyway!!

We sat in one of the 6 leather booths and perused the menu - there is basically the choice of brunch or a burger! We obviously went for the latter!

We started with the chips with guacamole, salsa verde, pico de gallo and chipotle - these were delicious - the most incredible guacamole! Another sign that we have to try Crazy Homies!

Pascal and I had the bacon cheese burger.

Arabella had a cheeseburger.

The burgers were good - cooked pink, good quality Aberdeen Angus meat, crispy bacon, a good amount of cheese and I adored the pickle and onion however I wasn't really a fan on the bun - it was too hard. I still managed to eat the lot though!!

The highlight of the meal were the cheesy chips - these were delicious, crispy salty fries covered in melted grated cheese - and we had a massive portion.

Service was quick, friendly and efficient and it was all reasonably priced.

It wasn't the best burger I have ever had due to the bun however it was still tasty and the cheesy fries fabulous. If you are looking for an authentic American diner experience, this is definitely your place -  they also serve great creamy milkshakes, American beers and cocktails, and the breakfast burrito definitely looked very interesting. It is extremely kid friendly (Arabella was obsessed with the quirky decor and the fact you could order Lucky Charms cereal) - they even cater for children's parties - and take out is available…..hey…..I even sound American now?!!

Lucky Seven

127 Westbourne Park Road
W2 5QL
Tel: 020 7727 6771

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Emma, one more resto to remember when I visit London!
    Jo of

  2. Thanks Jo - the restaurant is definitely one of a kind in London! I just checked out your blog too - it's awesome x